Tad is a Turd

Tad is a turd. That is all.

Yes. He is entitled...BUT!

So...all weekend, I had him home with me, right? Okay...great. I took his entire assortment of toys, blankets, beds, treats, foods, etc. with me. I left the huge box of food related items on the floor. Everything was sealed shut, so neither of the other two would get into them. They are Tad's and he will get the majority of his goodies...but, the other two pleading eyes that belong to two overweight dogs are hard to resist... lol

So, all weekend, various bags from the box are being found all over my wee little house. They're not harmed...as in torn open and missing treats...just strewn about. Do you see where I'm going with this?
When I first rescued Walker, he often did this. He'd take a bag of treats of the couch or something and carry it to his bed and sleep on them. He didn't want to share, maybe? ...well, none of the bags are being found in beds. They're in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, behind the couch, etc.

I pick them up, put them back...and a few hours later...they're in a new place.

I never caught ANYONE doing it. I don't mind...whoever it is aren't eating them, just moving them around.

But, today...just after trying his Robe on...Tad went back into Isolation and his box of goodies from yesterday and today are sitting on the floor in there with him. He picked up a bag of Canine Carry Outs, carried it in his mouth, and dropped it next to his bed before curling up and going to sleep. :)


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  2. He's stashing them all around "just in case". You never know, the food might stop again and he might need emergency rations. I think once he figures out he will be fed regularly, it will stop.

  3. How cute...he's the best!

  4. Ahhh,,,Tad is sweet. So happy to have things of his own. I don't blame him for wanting them where he wants them.lol

  5. Maybe he's marking his territory. It is his home now=)

  6. what a sweetheart....

  7. Omg, that's cute. Amazing that they don't just eat them.

  8. LOL...oh Tad...you're so cute!

  9. I almost agree with Use Ur Brain ... dogs are more instinctual and why I hope that Tad recognizes someday that he is safe, cared for, and loved, he may be wired for this particular behavior. Oh well!