Meet Pancake

I was grocery shopping on Wednesday and in just as we were getting started, I got a call on my cell phone. They'd almost ran over a puppy, and having a dog suffering from an Autoimmune Disorder currently in their home, they could not take her in. A few more calls were made and decisions made. We loaded up our groceries and headed straight there to pick up the nearly pavement pancake (thus the name, Pancake).

It is very, very hard for the clinic to adopt out kitties...let alone puppies! ...but, we couldn't say no to her wee face. I mean...seriously, could you!?

She is not microchipped and seems to be in overall good health, other than being super hungry at first. She is loaded with intestinal parasites and fleas, and we are slowly working on getting those out. Yesterday, while delivering toys for Tad's Toys, we were about 20 minutes from the beach...so, why not take the baby to get some cute pictures in hopes of getting her adopted!?

I will also add that she MAY already have a home, but her maybe-new-daddy is being deployed in the middle of October for three months. So, he is still in the heart battling brain mode over her.


The Lone Ranger Care

This last week has been nothing short of madness for me, and while I always try to keep up with Tad's FB and Tad's Toys and all the other 90 bajillion million things I do...I failed miserably this week after ending up in the emergency room on Wednesday from fainting episodes and extreme weakness. I had an ultrasound of my heart and also an EKG (and bloodwork/urinalysis) which came back inconclusive, and we left the emergency room with absolutely no answers. I don't have insurance and/or extra money to go to my regular doctor to continue on the path of figuring out what's wrong...but, I am slowly feeling better. I still get ridiculously tired at random times and feel insanely weak, but...I'm not bedridden like I was for two days last week because I couldn't move without collapsing.

But, anyway...the point of this post isn't a pity party for me! I wanted to inform you guys what all is being done for the kittens and explain a few things as well.

The little Lone Ranger is getting fed every 3-4 hours via bottle and Kitten Formula with Taurine. He also gets syringe fed 2-3cc each feeding to ensure he's getting food. When he eats, he's starting to chew on the bottle and not get much milk...obviously, so he is syringed milk. He's swallowing a lot of air during this chewing process, and so he thinks he is full. He is offered canned food every other morning, which he doesn't care for. He also has canned food available to him all day on the days he's offered it. We have mixed the canned food (EVO) with the milk, no one wanted the milk anymore. Eating is more important than weaning, at this point in time. He is also given oral vitamins twice daily. We are not wanting to change his milk or brand of milk as the risk of diarrhea in an already failing kitten is too great. If he were healthier, we would certainly try the goat's milk approach.

He is kept on a heating pad at ALL times. He is able to get away from the heat in his crate at home and his cage at work. He is offered a small, short-sided litter box during the day, which he has never used. It is currently clumping litter, when he starts to eat on his own, it will be exchanged for non-clumping, due to the risk of blockage if he eats it. His bedding is changed each morning, and that is both in his crate at home and his cage during the day. He is stimulated to potty by Chica, who, as gross as it is, swallows up all evidence of urine and feces as a normal mother would. He's never kept around his own waste, as it's...in Chica's...belly.

Aside from the vitamins orally, he is getting no medications. He does not need them. IF he is weak, he will get a dextrose (sugar) solution on his mucus membranes (gums). However, he must be kept warm or else the absorption will not take place as it should. He has never needed dextrose, yet. We have discussed giving SubQ fluids, however, the stress it would cause him would have him use up ALL of his energy, and we want him to keep as much energy as he can to help avoid Fading Kitten Syndrome. He does not have diarrhea, vomiting, or any other symptom of illness...so he is not on medication. His litter has had a fecal each week that I have had them and have never had any sort of parasites, though the litter was dewormed shortly after the death of the first kitten, regardless. At his age, he should weigh 1lb. As of yesterday, he is only 0.38lbs. He is severely underweight, and we have struggled with the weight issue since they all were about 2 weeks old. They are simply not gaining weight, regardless of the amount of food they eat. We were worried with malabsorption issues which could be the reason they're not gaining weight. Basically, that means they are not absorbing the nutrients from their food properly.

I hope this clarifies a few things for you guys and that you're not having coronaries because you think the little guy isn't taken care of as he should be. ;) Rest assured, we are doing everything possible, within reason, to ensure he has the best possible chance. We always have.

Also, please know that when dealing with FKS...nothing you can do will stop it or fix it. He may still not pull through, but we are certainly trying.


Strange Kittens on Tad's FB

Many of you have seen Tad's latest photos on his Facebook Fan Page where he is taking care of some very, very young kittens.

If you don't follow Tad on Facebook, here are some of the pictures you've missed:

Chica has been a surrogate mother for too many orphaned kittens, puppies, birds, guinea pigs, rats, and other creatures for nearly 10 years. Tad is very interested in helping Chica by becoming a Surrogate Uncle.

He is...for the most part, gentle with the kittens, but he is only allowed a few minutes to socialize with them before he is put in a different room for the kittens and other animals in the house's safety. :/

'Tad has an external parasite! It's really, really clingy...like a tick!'

Now, I have waited to introduce these babies because....well, with kittens this young, they often do not make it without their mothers. They still may not make it, but so far...they're fat and healthy. We guesstimate that these babies (there are four) are a little over a week old now. We got them when they're umbilical cords were still attached. Today, we've noticed that their little eyes are just barely starting to open on two of the kittens and they have started purring. Which is ADORABLE!

So, how did they get here?

Dr. Holliday's son is a huge animal lover...of course, he was at someone's house and they found these babies under a tractor. The owner of that house was just going to...erm, do away with the kittens. Apparently, the neighbor to them has an uncontrolled cat population and the majority of them are sick, starving, and multiplying like cats do. Well, this was really upsetting for her son, so he called her and begged her to take the kittens away in fear of what might happen to them if she doesn't.

Well, Dr. Holliday isn't the one to care for the babies (meaning bottle feeding, stimulation, socialization)...that's where I come in. I've bottle fed orphan babies for nearly 10 years, with the aid of Chica, of course. So, she called me...we talked about a few things, and assumed if the situation was as bad as it sounds with the adult cats that these babies may not make it much longer, but we'd give it a go anyway. So, off we went to pick up the kittens...

There are 4. Two solid blacks, a black and white, and a gray kitten. It's fairly difficult to sex them at this age, but we 'think' there may be two boys and two girls.

Currently, they do not have names...because you guys know, when you name something...that bumps up the attachment ten fold! We can't guarantee the babies will make it, so we try to protect our hearts a little. They'll be named shortly...and of course, it'll be a theme and it'll have something to do with where they were found (under a brush hog tractor). But, for now...they get fed, cuddled (at times), and they sleep...tons.

So, that's the story of the strange creatures appearing in some of Tad's recent pictures...and you guys can bet on it that I'll keep you updated. ;)


Tad, kennel!

I have heard that some dogs take to kennel training naturally. I know that some dogs love their kennels, like Walker, who sleeps in his all night with the door open.

I was worried with Tad. I didn't really know exactly what to expect. But, with his aggression and house-abuse, I needed to do something.

A lovely Tad fan donated a large kennel for Tad, and we started.

I had to push Tad in the first day, and he settled down with his chewy and was fine. The second day, Tad went in on command. By the third day, I stood at his crate getting a treat out of the bag and he bolted into Walker's kennel with Walker! I was so excited. This morning Tad went into his crate without being told even before I had the treats. I had my phone and keys in hand, usual leaving the house signal, and he went right in.

You guys, I'm so excited. This alleviates soooo much stress in our house...and I know it's helping Tad.


'It's quiet. Too quiet.'

I've gotten a few personal FB messages as well as few on Tad's FB from some concerned fans; let me tell you, that's a lovely feeling. It's nice to know that people pay attention and that they care enough to check on me.

You may (or may not) have noticed that Tad's FB and Tad's Toys FB have slowed down...a lot. Eventually, things will (hopefully!) get back to the way they were. Tad's Toys are still operating, in fact, we're donating toys to The Forgotten Pet Advocates this month. If you'd like to donate new or gently used toys to various dogs and cats who have been abandoned at boarding facilities, please  check out: www.facebook.com/TadsToys

I'm not doing this for sympathy or pity, you guys know me better than that. This is so everyone, who wants to be, is on the same page.

For the past few months, I've been on my own...and with Charles' help, I've been doing fine. Unfortunately, he is unable to help me anymore. So, things got...difficult? Sticky? Crappy? ...you name it. No hard feelings between us, but...the situation certainly sucks.

You may have seen posts by a few personal friends on Tad's FB about me having to rehome animals; they are true. I am...pretty heartbroken over that decision; honestly, heartbroken may not be the word. It's just the only one I can find.

Sundae and Loofah (the guinea pigs) are being adopted by a lovely guinea pig person about 4 hours away on Saturday. She seems perfect for them, and I am relieved that she was able to take them in. I'm currently talking with a woman in Turtle Rescue for Rubicon, but he is still in need of a new home. Then, I need to find places for the two tanks of fish, though, Tetanus (the betta) may be able to stick around since he is...well, he's a betta. Catillac is still...up in the air, as far as if she will need a new home or not. I don't know that I could do that, rehome her, so she is likely going to stay...as are the dogs. They will not be going anywhere. Walker is the only one who can go, and he will only go with Charles, if Charles can have him.

I am in the process of moving as well, well...not really 'moving' yet, but looking for somewhere to go. I can't afford the mortgage for our house on my own, so I'm moving out, and ideally, when I'm out, Charles will move back in or we'll sell it as is. I tried to have it refinanced to make the payments lower, but the guy said it'd only save me about $60 a month, so it wasn't worth it. I already have 2 jobs, and I think that a 3rd would really affect Tad's behavior-I would never be home for them.

Since January, a few Tad fans have helped me out in various ways and you guys...you have no idea how much that means to me. I've never asked for help, and I never will...but, to know that y'all have done it on your own...sometimes without me even knowing, it certainly is an amazing feeling. I cannot say thank you enough.

In a nutshell, bear with me...Tad's FBs will be back to normal at some point, but...it's kind of chaotic right now in mine and Tad's life. I think that chaos and my stress is really pulling on Tad. His aggression and behavior issues have...just gone of the charts since this mess started. So, we try to be all rainbows and butterflies at home, but...let me tell you...with animals disappearing, boxes being packed, Tad is not seeing rainbows and butterflies, unfortunately.

You guys are awesome, every single one of you, for being a part of Tad. I feel like y'all should get an explanation of this 'quietness' around his blog and FB, so here it is. Bear with me, it'll all be normal again soon, I hope.

Squirrel Patrol


The Church Kittens

We got a call today from a big fancy Lutheran church in the area and the lady explained that they had found an old laundry basket with kittens inside sitting in front of their sanctuary doors. She said that they normally don't go to the sanctuary during the week, so thankfully someone went to the sanctuary today or else the kittens would have been stuck in that nasty laundry basket until the weekend.

She explained that they were sick and that she was unable to keep them. So, we offered...and, here we are. The lady donated to help test the kittens for FIV and Feline Leukemia (they are negative!), which was super nice of her!

In a nutshell, these little kitties are about 4 weeks old and moderately healthy. They have URIs and are sort of eating on their own. We've got them started on EVO, antibiotics, and some eye drops. They're covered in fleas and likely anemic because of it.

Within a few weeks they'll need homes... *wink*wink*

...and, I'm sure y'all are wondering, 'What on Earth has she named these!?' Quite of a few of you know me personally, and you know that my naming...well, it happens to be pretty stinkin' random.

Since these kittens were abandoned at a church, we decided to go with that. We always 'theme' litters so we can keep track of kittens, and also so we don't re-use names because that's bad karma. Sooo...we went after religions. Catholic (Cathy for short), Lutheran (Luther for short), and Christian (Chris for short).

The Church Kittens

Catholic (Cathy)

Lutheran (Luther)

Christian (Chris)

Tadders loves his new kitten friends!


Many, many overdue updates...

It has been a super long time since I've updated...well, anyone's situation...so, here goes.

Posha - Posha was happily transported up North, and as far as I know, is living in a happy home with her new forever family.

Jake - Jake is doing well, he's been returned to his original place post-neuter, and seems to be doing better...but, his owner seems to be working with him more so and wants to read the book Michael had me read for Tad.

Pickup - Pickup is also living at his new happy home with his brother from another mother, Walrus. He came in for boosters yesterday and was plump!

Abus/Gritz - Abus has been moved from another foster home, into one that seems more fitting for him. He has severe separation anxiety and I believe that his new foster family is working with him to help alleviate those issues.

Chupie - Chupie is doing awesome! ...still has some eye issues, but otherwise...fat and happy! He came in for a visit just the other day when his parents were picking up their new kitty after a spay.

Tad - Tad is doing okay...his aggression seems to be happening less, but when it does...it is more severe. He has taken to attacking cats and smaller dogs and really anything he has access to. His time at the clinic is barely 4 hours, and only on Tadurdays now. He was supposed to see Michael (the behaviorist) today, but Michael was sick. We're looking at hopefully next Thursday.

If I've missed anyone...sorry! Hope this helps with some of the confusion!


Tad in Pup Culture Magazine

If you haven't heard through the various places, Tad's story has been published in Pup Culture Magazine!

Courtesy Pup Culture Magazine

I am beyond excited about this, and really hope that it inspires even more people and maybe even brings some attention to Tad's Toys!

You can view the online magazine HERE. If you're interested in purchasing a 'printed' copy, please click HERE.


Meet Abus - The Padlocked Pittie

Abus as the feeder found him on the left, and on the right is him in the backseat of the truck I picked him up in.

I got a message from my friend, Robyn, telling me that there's a dog within a few minutes from me that needs rescuing...asap. She explained that he's padlocked to a tree and that someone has been feeding him, but the feeder said Animal Control/Sherriff's Office won't do anything for the dog...even after the owner's moved out of the house and left the dog padlocked to the tree.

We had nasty, nasty weather all day yesterday, and I was told that he was currently standing in water.

So, by 10pm I was out the door and headed for the dog. I had hoped with all my hopings that he had a collar on that I could take off because I have no way of cutting through a padlock or heavy chain.

I arrive and sure enough, he's standing in water...no shelter, no food, no water, nothing. He's definitely skinny, and thanks to the lady that has been stopping by to feed him...he's not too bad off. He smells dead, but I'm certainly sure he's not had any attention or care other than the kind woman who has been stopping by to feed him.

His chain was massive...like, I'm surprised he doesn't have neck muscles of steel lugging that thing around, poor fella. His collar was crazy tight, but I was thankful enough that he was wearing one that attached to the padlock to the big chain. The minute he was freed from the chain, he took off for the truck and jumped right in. He LOVES car rides and is a perfect car rider.

So far, he hasn't met a dog he doesn't like and he hasn't met a person he doesn't like. He needs some socialization as far as cats go, but that's to be expected. He's likely been on the massive chain his whole life.

He's here at the clinic with me now, and this evening once we close, he's headed to West U Vet to be neutered/vaccinated/tested as Busters Friends' Rescue has agreed to sponsor him.

His name is Abus, and he's amazing. He so darned sweet and licky and lovey and the best part...? He smiles!

If you would like, Buster's Friends are accepting donations to help with his medical treatment (neuter/vaccines/testing). Please visit this link, and note 'white chained dog'.

Pibble attack! Abus this morning when we tried to get a picture together. :/


Meet Pickup

I came home on Thursday, and I could hear a really upset kitty inside the little truck of mine that had been parked by the road all day. So, I opened the hood and sure enough, there was a orange tabby! Or red/ginger tabby if you're super technical! But, anyway...he was obviously upset and not neutered, and so I just left him alone to calm down. I left the hood open over night, and when I got in to leave on Friday, I couldn't see him or hear him. I assumed he was gone.

So, I did my Friday duties...and after work went to hang out with my buddy, Anthony. ...apparently I left the lights on all night, and so it was not going anywhere by morning. I had to call my mom to come get me and take me to my Tahoe to go to work.

I called Charles and told him it might need a new battery, and singe drove out and popped the hood. He sent me this picture below.

Part of the car trouble I was having!

Since we still don't know the vaccine issues with the kitty, Charles poked the kitty with a stick and he jumped down and hid in the bushes next to the truck.

Charles got things squared away and was while stopping at a stop light on the way back to me, guess what he heard?

The kitty!

So, when he got to the clinic, Jennifer and I removed the kitty from the engine, and got him set up in a kennel for neutering and testing.

Meet Pickup - one determined kitty!

He is suuuuuch a sweet kitty! I'm surprised!


Meet Jake

If it is not ridiculously obvious, I have a massive heart...it is so massive, in fact, that I exhaust every possible effort before quitting...even if I must make some pretty significant sacrifices. It's who I am, and while it takes it toll on me, I am thankful for it...everyday. So many lack even a little sliver of heart...and it's so sad.

I want to introduce Jake, because you'll probably hear a lot about him in the coming weeks. First and foremost, aside from being heartworm positive, he is healthy. He's about 3 years old and he's not neutered; he's got to be a foxhound mix...he and I weigh about the same. To give you an idea, he's twice Tad. Keep that in mind, because in his pictures...he does not look that big.

I have known Jake since he first came to the family I took him from. In fact, I have puppy pictures of him here on my computer.

Before I start in on Jake's story, please remember that the idea here is to help him, not criticize or belittle his former family REGARDLESS of how we feel. We are in this to help save lives and make the world a better place for these animals. I understand the anger, the sadness, I feel it, too. But there is absolutely no need to fill this entry with hate and horrible wishes for his people. Please try to be a better person than that. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. We already know we're all already thinking it.

Jake belonged to someone I know, a family I've known a ridiculously long time. Jake's entire situation has been something that has made me irate from the very beginning. So, trust me...you may be angry, but I can promise you...you have nothing on me.

For most of the last 3 years, Jake was confined to a rope/chain/tie out. From puppy hood, he never had the proper socialization...and any dog left on a rope is a ticking time bomb. Jake is more like a nuclear weapon. He's reaching the end of his fuse. He is to the point where it has been requested that he be euthanized due to his aggressive behavior.

I absolutely refuse to euthanize a dog based off a behavior problem that has not yet been addressed by a professional. That professional I talk about it? Our trusted Uncle Michael, who has been amazing for Tad.

Jake can clear an 8ft privacy fence in seconds, and so he went from being confined to a rope, to be confined to a rope behind a fence. Imagine...3 years, nothing but that rope...watching the world go by without you. I think that you can imagine his frustrations and problems with coping.

It's my understanding that Jake has been escaping his little 'prison', so to speak, and wreaking havoc on the neighborhood and other neighborhood pets. Do I blame him? No way. Is he a bad dog? Absolutely not. Neighbors complain, and thus Jake is given to a new family. From what I am told, his original family was called to come back a couple of hours later and get him because no one in the new family could get near him due to his aggressive behavior towards them.

As an outsider, looking in, I see the massive bomb that Jake is. It won't be long before something happens that cannot be fixed and the county steps in to take over. I am not an amazing dog trainer/behaviorist, but working with Tad and Michael...I see things a lot differently than I used to, even more so after the reading assignment I was given.

I've seen Jake lunge at people, I've seen him attack dogs, namely my own. I've been told he lunges at children and strangers, and recently...I've been told he's starting growling at a baby who is taken care of during the day in this home.

Jake is sweet, kind, and loving to me and his previous family. He just wants scrubbies and belly rubs. However, he has many, many triggers and imagine the way I described Tad in the beginning with his behavior. Picture a dog nearly two times Tad, with aggressive behavior that is nearly ten times worse...and you have Jake. Believe it or not.

I love this face. What a happy boy.
 ...his former family, in my opinion, tries to candy coat most of the problem. I don't blame them, they love their dog dearly, and many people are often blinded by that love. I was, too, with Tad. I often catch myself being blinded again, honestly. Don't get me wrong, I love this dog as well...thus, why he is now with me.

I will not be keeping Jake. Jake will need a home when he is safe to do so. In fact, he's spending his first of many, many nights at work in the farthest kennel in the back. He, like Tad, is a massive liability...and I can't even describe the appreciation I have for my boss, Dr. Holliday, who allowed Jake to live there until he's able to properly live with other animals/people. 

I've discussed him with Michael, who says that Jake sounds like a very hard case (Michael knows more of the story than I will share publicly-because I know many of you cannot handle it). But, hard does not yet mean impossible, and I believe Jake has his first appointment with Michael on the 1st. Cross your fingers, say your prayers.

Jake's pinch collar has been removed.