Rechecks and Reports

Yesterday was quite a big day for Tad. It was his two week recheck. So, let's go down the list...


Okay, first up...eyes. I ran out of the eye ointment, Terramycin, I believe on Wednesday or Thursday. So, before wasting money on another tube...we wanted to see how his eyes were doing. He is producing his own tears, and keeping them lubricated. He does get a bit of goop now and again, but they are, as a whole, 100% better.

His ears...oh, his ears. He still has a raging infection...there's been some improvement, but they are DEFINITELY better. We're going to continue the same medication, Micazole, for the next two weeks and if they're not completely healed by then...we may need to switch the medicine so the yeast don't start creating resistance to it.

Skin : As you can see in the pictures, it's 100x's better. Amazingly better, in fact. The large wound on the outside of his leg is getting smaller each and every day. The long laceration on the inside of the same leg is now two seperate wounds, seperated by a healthy amount of scar tissue. They look awesome. He still smells...well, he literally smells like a dead animal. His stench makes Charles gag and need to vomit...and I kid you not, it is a mighty powerful odor. We're no longer doing the hydrotherapy, but he does get a bath once a week. His skin is pretty dry now, and I want to say that the tea tree oil was not helping that. Sure, it stopped the itching, but I feel it may have been what's drying him out. So, we were donated a bottle of emu oils with other natural oils and lotioning him up twice a day and wow! Not only does he love it...but, it's so much easier to pet him when he doesn't leave large pieces of dead skin behind. ;) We've given him another shot of Convenia. Convenia is a two week antibiotic injection that is perfect for skin. It made a huge difference overnight the first time, and hopefully it'll take the last little bit of infection away this time. We also rescraped his skin. I didn't see ANY sarcoptic mange mites (contagious) and a significantly less number of demodex mites...and those I did see were all dead.

We're going to start getting him back on adult canned food and incorporating more dry food into his diet. He is steadily putting on weight, he's at 43 pounds now...and we're both super excited about that.

All in all, he's doing wonderfully...and he makes me a proud girl every day. Look at what he is becoming...


  1. So being he is rid of the sarcoptic mange, can he come home with you now?

  2. Such wonderful news. If he's on antibiotics, you might want to consider also giving him probiotics. Antibiotics not only kills bad bacteria, but the good bacteria as well. I've been using it and using with my dogs and cats for quite some time now and it's a wonderful product. You might want to do your own research and ask your vet as well. Keep up the great work, girl!! You're awesome!

  3. wow! wonderful!! so does he get to go home now!!!

  4. I had wondered about the smell. When I first got Cubby he had that odor.. and like TAD tea tree oil (Which I do love) did not help with the skin at all. Am praying he overcomes this quickly. I am so happy to hear the good reports and stories of his personaliy coming out little by little... I am thinking about him every day.

  5. I am soooooo excited to hear about this!!! Way to go TAD!!!!

  6. So happy to hear he is doing better!! He is on his way to being a happy dog!!
    Make sure you take care of yourself too...hope your feeling better =)

  7. Oh I never thought of this but maybe try giving him a tablespoon of coconut oil. I give it to my dog (he's a collie/hound mix who has sensitive/dry skin) and its helped with his itchyness and he LOVES it as a treat.