Diagnosis : Dry Eye

Tad had another exam today, as I've been worried about his right eye. He seems more squinty in it, and sometimes it's a bit swollen. He generally has tons of discharge from it in the mornings, so we got him up on the lift table and started testing.

We first checked him for dry eye. Now, if you remember when I first got him, he was so dehydrated that he could not produce his own tears, therefore...he had temporary dry eye. Dry Eye is more common in Shih Tzu's and other bug-eyed breeds. Well, his results for his dry eye test were 8 in his right eye, and 11 in his left eye. You want at LEAST 15's in both eyes. The tear production was very slow, and of course, did not meet the minimums.

We also made sure he was checked for ulcers. Dry Eye wouldn't necessarily cause swelling, but upon staining his eye to check for an ulcer, we found nothing. No reason for infection and/or swelling from what we could tell.

So, he's now on a special eye drop that was initially ordered for Pepper (RIP little turd), but we are able to use it on Tad. It will treat ulcers and dry eye, so if he has an ulcer that is nearly healed and/or way too small to see...we're set.

We're going to recheck his tear production in one month...and HOPEFULLY this is not a permanent issue. Tad is normally hydrated now, so I'm really worried that he will have dry eye for the rest of his life. A constant reminder of his hard life before me.

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