Tad's Toys

For the last few weeks, I have wanted Tad to have a purpose. I wanted him to 'do' something. You know, some dogs paint with their paws and the paintings are sold and the money goes to animal charities. Some dogs gather dog food for rescues like Ricco Suave and then there's Ricochet who surfs to raise money. I just couldn't think of anything that Tad could 'do'.

Then, I thought...'Oh my gosh. What is he always doing!?' Toys. He destroys them. He loves them. He lives, eats, and breaths them.

So, why not set Tad up to campaign and gather toys for various rescues/shelters around the Houston area!? Toys are often the best thing you can give a little pup sitting in the back corner of his kennel at the shelter. There is such a power in giving a dog a toy that...while he's playing...nothing else matters. It's a moment of paradise.

Tad is so in love with toys that I feel this is it. You can check out more information here: www.facebook.com/TadsToys

Each month, a legit/proper rescue/shelter will be randomly picked and a needs list requested (solely for those wishing to donate more than just toys). The needs list and link for monetary donations will be supplied. However, the main focus is toys. We'll ask that you donate new or gently used toys (that will be washed prior to delivery) to Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital. At the end of the month, all donations will be taken to that rescue/shelter and delivered to the dogs/cats in need! (Some rescues/shelters chosen may not be dogs/cats! ;) )

I hope you'll support Tad and I in this as we're very, very excited. I cannot wait to get started!

Pet Fest 2011 - Day Two

Today was great! He met a lot of his fans and their dogs. He seemed to get more 'grouchy' today as far as unaltered males went, but we did our best to avoid those. It was hard, today seemed more packed than yesterday.

We originally were to share the Celebrity Booth with Kanga, but she was not feeling well (she had a rash) and so she stayed home. Poor little girl! So, we were there by ourselves, but Tad ate it up!

We also were awarded our first place prize for winning the Diamond in the Rough Photo Contest on Pet Fest's Facebook!


Pet Fest 2011 - Day One

Firstly, there are no pictures from today. Well, I lied. There is one that I made Boyfriend take. Boyfriend is Jennifer's boyfriend, who I can never remember his name, so he is dubbed 'Boyfriend'. I think it's Matt, but I always want to call him Josh...which is apparently his brother's name. Anyway, you'll find that picture below.

Why are there no pictures? Well...let me explain. Tad has behavior problems...Pet Fest is NOT the ideal place for him. All kinds of unfamiliar faces and dogs and smells and cats and food and various animals and grabby children and people in costumes and...well, you can see why a dog who has the potential to 'bite' shouldn't be there. I took my chances...therefore, I was constantly focused on Tad's movements, postures, sounds, other dog's movements, postures, and sounds. I wanted to predict the issue before it was too late. The poor boy is going to have explosive diarrhea from all the treats, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I also had to keep my eyes...this is going to sound weird...I had to keep my eyes on who had testicles and who didn't. I KNOW Tad has aggressive tendencies with intact males. Let me tell you, I've never seen so many dangle-y things in my life! What is it with people these days!? I mean, some of those things were bigger than Tad's head! No lie!

But, enough about man-bits. ...that's why I don't have pictures. I was too focused on things that were...a 'tad' bit more important. That pun was totally intended, in case you were wondering.

Tad met a ton of famous doggies and quite a few humans he's heard about! It was really a lot of fun...but, the best part...which I'm sure you're freaking out with, 'HOW DID HE DO!? I DON'T CARE ABOUT MAN-BITS!'

...the best part? TAD WAS AMAZING! I was shocked. I really was. Did I honestly expect him to kill something? No, I really didn't...but, I did expect some resistance from him. I am still like...giddy inside. All smiles, you know?! Like, I want to cry...I'm serious. :/ 

There was one instance, for whatever reason, that Tad freaked out. It was not directed at any person or creature (maybe he saw some of those massive man-bits?). He was terrified of something...trying to hide in any possible place, bolt into doors, it was bizarre. I've no idea what it was, but we sat and had a calm chat anyway. We waited and ate treats and just kind of lowered our blood pressure. Then, we were able to move on.

The only 'dog' contact instance was a Whippet that jumped onto Tad (friendly or not, I don't know) and Tad went ape-crazy. Do I blame him? No. The owner whipped his dog up fast...yeah, buddy...you watch out. Tad'll eat your little fella in a second. ;) I'm just kidding...but,
that was the ONLY dog contact issue. No bites, no blood, just REALLY scare Tad came out.

There was also this itty bitty Pomeranian that was wearing this little weird tutu thing around it's neck, and Tad was freaked out by him. But, that's okay...some Pomeranians are a little creepy. No offense to any Tad friends, though. ;)

Tad also stopped by a vendor who was doing 'Bobbing for Hot Dogs'. Hot dogs sat on the bottom of the water trough, and the dogs stuck their face in it to get a hot dog. Tad gave it a whirl...and he got some! Cleaned the thing out! With the help of someone else's piggy dog, too! ;) But, then...every water bowl from there on out he looked for hot dogs. :/ 

He met a few Tad human friends and quite a few doggy celebrities! It was fun. I was too focused on Tad to buy anything, but...tomorrow I will be more relaxed and able to take pictures and buy crap. :)

Dr. Holliday, Chrissy, Tad, Jennifer, and Me


THE Book

I was reading a comment from Tad's Facebook friends regarding his most recent behavior challenges. ...and it really, I don't know...it got me thinking. Here's the comment I'm talking about.
"When I read this I felt worried that this situation with Tad would probably make someone else just give up on him. And it made me tear up." - Mayra

I was thinking that...well, maybe one day I should write this book. A 'real' rescue story...it's not all milkbones and fire hydrants. It's runny diarrhea and bloody battles for the most part. If you get my comparison... haha! 

It's a story of what really happens when you rescue a dog...maybe some day Tad will be behaved enough that I might could focus some time on writing this book or something of the sort. But, for now...and for a while...there's simply not a time slot for that. But, all of you who keep hinting...or flat out screaming at me to write the book, I want you to know that I do seriously think about it.

3rd Strike

There are quite a few things that I do not share with the rest of you regarding Tad. I have specific reasons for that, and I'm quite sure the majority of you understand as we've already had this conversation.

That being said, all of this may come as a total surprise to many of you.

Michael and I had a nice long talk yesterday, instead of training, and reformulated a few things. There was a bite last week, that thankfully, did not puncture the man's...man-bits. Michael told me that he strongly advised that Tad does not go to Pet Fest; which I understand. We then talked about how Tad is a completely different dog in public and without his 'pack' with him. Thus, why none of my other dogs will be at Pet Fest.

So, after reformulating a couple of things, Tad and I visited Old Town Spring yesterday (where Pet Fest will be held). Using the introduction method that was suggested by Michael, the visit was flawless. He enjoyed all the new people and met them with a wagging tail and happy posture. He even kissed a toddler on his cheek.

However, this morning, Tad returned to the clinic with me. We thought we were doing everything right with this introduction, lots of 'good boys' and treats, and it seemed everything was going well. For whatever reason, Tad attacked the dog (seemingly unprovoked) and left a bleeding gash in his ear.

So, as suggested, Tad was immediately put in time out while the other dog was tended to.

Tad has now lost all his freedoms. He drew blood; this was his third strike-he's out. Michael and I discussed crate training Tad, as he goes absolutely ape when he's 'locked' anywhere. So, I will be bringing a massive crate to the clinic that Tad will remain in.

Should I have done this from the start? Maybe so.

I'm actually a little torn between the crate and leaving them all at home. Not allowing him here everyday. Or, a one dog at the clinic at a time. I've not decided what to do yet...and Michael will help me make that decision.

That being said, Tad will STILL be a Pet Fest, against Michael's recommendation. I feel, in my heart, that Tad will be fine on his own, as he always has been. If you are planning on coming to Pet Fest to meet Tad, before you touch him, please get some treats from me. I'm not worried he will bite you, he seems to only bite in the clinic, but we're learning that all people mean yummies and good things. :) I will have a nice stash of treats with me, trust me.

On that note, you should never just RANDOMLY touch any dog, Tad or not...you're asking for a bite. ;)

Michael and I are meeting again in two weeks, and during that time I am going to be a momzilla. I am determined, now more than ever, to ensure that Tad meets the standards and expectations that I put on him.

Michael did tell me that I set the bar of expected behavior VERY high for my dogs. I didn't realize it, but, I do. I think that was an eye opener for me. I've been lucky with Walker and Chica thus far, and here's Tad who is a 'real' dog...and my gosh, I'm at a loss. It's complete turmoil.

If you wish to donate to Tad's training (I've not fixed the donation link yet), you may send a check to the address listed on the Donations and Packages page here on his blog (make it out to me Tiffany Dieringer), or send a PayPal payment to tiffanydieringer@yahoo.com. I appreciate everything you all are doing to help.


Diamond in the Rough Contest

If you don't follow our boy on Facebook, then you've likely missed the voting/contest!

Tad has been entered into a 'Diamonds in the Rough' Photo Contest. I'd appreciate it if you'd all vote for him. You're able to vote every hour, so please...vote as often as you can.

Here's the link you can follow, you must have a Facebook account. :)