Sedate or Wait?

Twenty eleven is really, honestly, truly a horrible year for Charles and I. Our bad luck is getting so ridiculous that it's almost funny now. Things have just been one bad issue after another...and, then there's Tad.

His personality and the way that he looks at me...it just seems to make everything else go to the back of my mind, and I remember all of you and your support and care and for that moment I feel better.

I want you all to know first and foremost how grateful I am that so many were able to donate money for Tad's care. Charles texted me this morning and said he just got laid off. Two weeks ago they had him start filling out all the necessary paperwork to start the hiring process (he was a contract worker for a big corporation). So, things are about to get even tighter than they were...but, I know that Tad is taken care of...thanks to you guys. I would have most certainly given Tad the absolute same care that I am able to with y'all's help, it just would have taken a lot longer...and now with recent events...it would have taken even longer.

I am by no means asking for your sympathy or anything of that nature; I am simply trying to explain just how grateful I am for all of you. There really are no words.

I have been so backed up with things lately that my videos, pictures, and blog updates are seriously lacking. We have a few more concerns about Tad.

We may neuter him sooner than expected. He has a serious issue with humping any time he gets excited, he will hump the air. Now, I know that neutering may not do anything, but I have hopes it will help some. We have a few other reasons to go ahead and do this early as well.

We need to recheck his bloodwork, which would be a good idea before anesthesia anyway. We're going to also scale his teeth to get the chunky plaque and tartar of of them while he's out.

But, the biggest reason for going ahead with this is that we're worried about his hips. In his videos and pictures, you may or may not noticed his back legs. He does not have a normal stance. When he runs, it's really, really awkward. Both legs move at the same time, but in a weird sort of fashion. He has trouble sitting down and getting up from sitting down.

We're wanting to xray his hips, and the only way to get good hip xrays is to completely sedate the animal. Well, we don't want to sedate him every other week or so, so we want to knock all of this out at one time.

The concern with anesthesia/surgery is that it lowers the immune system. Well, one of his types of mange (Demodex) thrives off a weak immune system.

Often times we avoid surgery/vaccines when they have this type of mange because it gives the Demodex Mites a nice opportunity to flourish. However, with neutering, the hormones are removed for the body allowing the metabolism to slow down, which may help Tad gain weight at a quicker rate.

There are pros and cons on either side of this, and the doctor and I are still undecided on which route to take. You guys know that I will definitely keep you all updated.


  1. Oh, boy, you needed this "luck" like you needed a hole in your head. That totally, totally sucks about Charles losing his job, about Tad's medical concerns, and about your stress about those two things.


    I'm a big believer in karma. I feel that what you did for Tad will come back to you and your family ten-fold. I believe that everything will work out because, above all, you are GOOD.

    Stay strong, Tiffany. Warm hugs to you.

  2. There are so many different factors going on with Tad, I'm sure with just about everything you do there is something else you have to mindful of. We will pray that all of you land on the right path to health and happiness.

  3. So sorry to read about Charles losing his job! I lost my job last year and worked as a temp for a year and now have a full-time job again. We found a way to make it work during that year, and I am sure you will, too! I know that there were bad days my dog helped me get thru with my sanity!!! I am glad that you know we are all here to help support you and your ENTIRE family. Sending positive, luck changing, energy your way!

  4. Patrick has what look like hip issues, as well, and they're thinking that it's atrophied muscles from being so emaciated. So that might be what's going on with Tad right now. Any kind of therapy (swimming? Summer is coming) might help that.

    I've found that some breeds of dogs are 'randier' than others. And with those breeds, the neutering really did help the humping. It seemed that hounds/hunting dogs were right up there. Fingers crossed that this works for Tad.

    Really sorry to hear about Charles losing his job. I've been there and it's scary. It does make you more creative. I canceled my cell phone and most of my television, switched phone carriers at home - did a bunch of things and it really didn't feel so bad to go without them. In some ways it really simplifies your life and allows you to get on with the stuff that's important anyway. I hope you have some options for doing stuff like that.

    That darkest period did end and things are looking up for me now. So I'm sure that's the way it will be for you, too. Have faith and use your creativity!

    Sending good wishes and hopes for new employment for Charles from Washington!

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Charles. I finally started working again after a year. It was really hard and can be devastating to the person who lost the job. I know you have a lot on your plate and did not need something else to make it worse - but you are not alone. Tad loves you and we love you!

  6. Tiffany and Charles. First...Blessings. Second I know it is hard. We went from 110k to hubby losing his job and out of work for 7mos. We darn lost everything...used all the savings and 401k...sold two cars...downsized...I could go on and on like you say...so don't ever feel like you are whining....it is NOT easy. Through it all we have three beautiful dogs....and as you say when you look at them...you know the rest just is not as important. One of my first comments on your page was that Tad was waiting for you....maybe you and Charles need him just as much. Support and understanding is all I can offer at this time as we are living 'hand to mouth' as they say It always makes for feeling that I can never do enough...but sometimes just knowing you are "not alone" can help as well...it always does for me. I think taking care of the things Tad needs at one time makes good sense. While it comes with risk, it should be far less stressful for both of you in the long run. Best Wishes. Liz

  7. Tiffany: I am hoping that you keep us all up to date about the medical expenses for Tad. I am ready to help contribute in that regard any time. I love my dogs and I know that God will bless you and Charles for taking care of his creatures here on earth. A second issue... My daughter and I are thinking about coming to visit you and Tad (the good Doctor too and Charles now that he is home) this Friday? We are in Tomball and have been closely following Tads progress. Is Friday a good day?

    How is your computer issue? My husband and I were talking yesterday and we would like to get you a new one. Please reply to me via email at helen.schreiber@sandhmms.com or call me at 847-774-5588. Best Helen

  8. I'm very sorry to hear about Charles. I hope he will be able to find something soon. Remember, often things happen to make us stronger. But I know it's a scary and stressing moment. I wish I could help. Hang on!
    I've always thought Tad was walking that way cause he had atrophied(sp?) muscles. I hope it's the case and nothing serious. Are the fees for neutering and all covered? If not I can send a little more :) Just tell me. Please.
    I'm sure something will come your way, something nice, in return of what you're doing for Tad. Keep hope, head up and smile! Even the worst day seems better with a smile.
    Sending you hugs and I will pray for you and Charles, even if I don't pray often.

  9. I trust you will take the right decisions, at the right time. You seems cold headed when it needs to, Tad will follow with strenght and courage, as always does. Keep the spirit high ! :)

  10. Dearest Tiffany,
    I am truly sorry to hear all this news. Someone mentioned your art work...where is it? Why not but some up for sale...so many people want to help you. How awesome the Schrieber's want to get you a new computer! Sending you love and prayers. <3