Dewclaw Removal Recheck

We just changed out Tad's bandages on his rear dewclaw removal incisions. They look really, really good. A few of the sutures may end up being too tight, and we may have to release a few of them at a later date, but so far so good.

However, he's a turd, I tell you. He managed to get the BOTTOM layer (the layer closest to his skin) out from underneath everything else without affecting the other layers of wrap above it. :/

...the entire time we're trying to change out his bandage, he's trying to eat everything. The vet wrap, the cling wrap, the cast padding, the telfa pad...mercy, mercy, Tad!

I sure do like him. He's got the coolest personality...for the most part. ;)

Here are his new bandages:

Oh, and of course...his beautiful fuzzy face!