New Parasite?

We did another Skin Scraping on Tad on Saturday. The good news is that there's no Demodex Mites or Sarcoptic Mites. The bad news is that we've found something else.

I know there are a few vet techs and other people out there who are moderately familiar with veterinary medicine, and so I figure I'll post a picture of these new little dears that Tad has in hopes of possibly finding someone who's seen them before or has an idea of what they might be.

There were about 4-5 of them on Tad's entire skin scraping slide...at first we thought they were nothing, but we kept finding them. I have pictures of each one through the microscope, but this one is the most clear. On the left side of the...thing, you'll see what looks like a 'face'...the stuff that is above it, like...that potentially could be legs of some sort, is not on any of the others I took pictures of, so I don't know that that is part of the mite, creature, friend, whatever it is...


Training and Behavior

I think some of you may have the wrong idea about me, Tad, and these behavior problems and why I'm looking into a trainer. So, I want to clear this up...

Tad is a very good dog. He sits, stays, lays down (if you're lucky), and knows 'no'. He doesn't require a leash, and comes to me when he's called. However, when he is excited...he loses it. It's understandable, I get that. That's not the issue. The issue is his protective instincts. Yes, he has every right to be protective, however, I refuse to have an unpredictable dog. I am far more responsible than that. He gets incredibly vicious when he gets into protective mode, and I absolutely will not have that. THAT is why I am looking for a behaviorist/trainer. I don't need someone to teach me how to teach him to sit and stay as PetSmart would do. I can do that myself, and I have. The issue lies with this certain vicious behavior that I want curbed before something happens and it becomes out of my hands because the state has stepped in or a lawyer. Yeah, that's a worst case scenario...but, honestly...I see that in Tad's future, and that's why I'm desperately trying to find someone who I feel is capable and who I am comfortable with their training methods.

The three of us, here at the clinic, have consistency. They know the rules I want Tad to have, and they know the commands I use. I am very slowly seeing a difference, but it is still a long road. A client yesterday told us that Tad has the same problem her dog has, 'Greeting Disorder'. :) It's true...definitely true. But, we're working on it. Whenever the bell rings because the door has opened, I hold Tad's collar and he has to sit until he's calm. When he's calm, we slowly walk to the front of the hospital. If he gets out of hand, he is ordered to sit again until he's calm. Then, we round the corner and he sees the people or their dog, and he is excited again, and so we sit. When he's calm, we move forward. We'll get there. As I said, I can already see an improvement, so that's good.

He is a very, very smart dog...in fact, he's smarter than the other two...and it's the smart one's you have to watch out for. ;)

So far I've contacted two well-known trainers for our area. Neither of them have bothered to contact me in return. I am pretty...erm, irate at that. How do you expect to run a business if you don't return messages? Either way, I'm still looking.

We have a client here at the clinic, and she's done agility with her border collies for as long as I can remember. She gave me some pointers, and also talked to me about putting Tad in agility, just for fun. It would definitely stimulate his mind and give him a 'job'. I definitely agree that every dog needs a 'job'...or something special they can contribute to the family/pack. It would also help with his energy levels, but first...he needs 100% obedience...or pretty darn close to it.

I am definitely considering this for him; he is very high energy. I feel like this is part of the problem we're having here at the clinic. He is high energy and it goes over the top when he gets excited while he's here.

He is not a BAD dog. I see far worse dogs every day, however...he is not as well behaved as he needs to be for the lifestyle that my dogs and I live.

I hope that this has cleared up a few concerns that have been expressed on Tad's Facebook Page regarding the training and behavior posts.


Oh, Tad...

Each and every day, Tad gets a little bit more obnoxious. On Tuesday, his unruliness became too unruly.

You may or may not know, but I own my own photography business, Minha Vida Photography. I have a very important shoot on Friday (tomorrow), and so I had my camera out at work to practice. I have my camera out every day, so this was nothing new.

However, I had the camera set up and attached to my tripod. Tad came charging past to get to the front doors, as he always does, and in my effort to catch him before he got there...he plowed through the tripod.

Yep. You guessed it. Camera comes crashing down to the floor...it even bounced a little.

After getting the Tad-beast under control, and getting him back to the back...I went to the fallen innocent bystander.

The bottom is cracked, and the lens...well, the lens still works...but only 1/2 way. Only close up. Okay, okay...that's fine. But, my big job tomorrow is photographing a million dollar property listing for a local realtor. Close up photography is not going to be needed.

Yes, yes...there was a bit of panic. I played with it all day...and last night, I decided that I had no choice. I HAD to get a new lens...no matter what. I MUST have something by Friday morning.

So, Charles and I rush out to Best Buy...I figured at the least, I could put it on the credit card. I HATE my Best Buy Credit Card and I urge all of you to NEVER get one. Either way, I had no choice...I absolutely had to get a new lens regardless.

Well, turns out...Best Buy doesn't sell that lens seperately. So, we had to drive to a camera store about an hour from home and we talked to a guy there for a good long time. He played with my camera and tried different lenses and all sorts of other different things he knew how to do. He declared it is my lens, and not the entire camera...thankfully.

As far as the crack, I asked about ordering the bottom piece to replace it...and he said it's going to be super expensive, and I'd be better off just gluing it back together. I don't mind that; especially if the camera is functional. I don't care what it looks like, necessarily.

Well, to send the lens off for repair is about $115, and takes 4-6 weeks. That's not going to work...I need it by tomorrow. He also does not sell that lens by itself...figures.

So, I asked for the next best thing...and he brought up a new lens...I shall refer to this darling as 'gold' because it costs about as much. Heaven's...worst part, I couldn't use the credit card because it wasn't Best Buy. :/

But, oh well...you do what you have to do and you just look at Tad and shake your head. You can't be mad at him...just look at his cute face.


Almost Done

Tad had another skin scraping today. We didn't see any sarcoptic mange mites, to that's AWESOME...but, they are hard to find. However, he no longer has any of the symptoms, and with his hair regrowth, we assume that he is scabies free. The best part? ...I didn't get it from him! :)

We did find one demodex mange mite, and he was funny looking. Like, perhaps he'd been dead a while? Not really sure, but that's a good sign. We treated him with the Promeris one more time, and in three weeks we're going to scrape him again. If he's free of both mites, then he can start a normal monthly flea/tick prevention like the other dogs.


He is slowly but surely growing LOTS of hair. His elbows, thighs, and underside are still naked. The backs of his legs, too. However, he is starting to get freckles on his front legs and neck. Like, where he has 'black' skin, he has orange hair growing in, and where his skin is pink, he's got white hair coming in. So, looking at his skin...he should be colored very interestingly!