Please, Be Careful

I can't give a lot of details on this, and I hope that y'all understand. However, we were approached today by someone who asked if I would make them a Facebook/Blog for their animal for...'donations'...and it really hurt my heart.

I absolutely would NEVER do something like that...ever. This person was even told that we don't 'ask' for donations of ANY kind. EVER.

I am so thankful that you all have been so kind and generous, and I am so thankful that y'all have been able to help so many...but, please do use caution. If there are more people out there like this person...which, I am sure there are...please, please, please be careful.

I moderate a forum for pets (www.petlovers.com) and there are a few people who have come on the board asking for 'help' and their stories will truly pull at your heart strings. But, they are fraudulent and some people do fall victim to their scams, unfortunately.

I just wanted to make this quick post to hopefully remind all of you to please be cautious. ...that's all I will say.


  1. Thank you Tiffany for your decency! It never ceases to amaze me what some will do to cheat others..we believe in you and know that you are a good person..not many would have seen that sad looking pup on the side of the road and stopped...nor would they have risked their health and the health of their own animals to do what you have done for our Tad...you are loved...

  2. Thanks Tiff...always good to be aware. How's the doggie type people today? (the pups are people too.) :)

  3. I doubt there's a single "Tad" person who thinks you aren't genuine in your efforts to help Tad. If people really think about it, they could prolly tell who's real and who's not. And thank you for taking care of Tad. I'm jealous! :-)

  4. you really can't be too careful, it's a shame

  5. My vet's office has a special fund to help people who can't pay for their pet's treatment. Many of the pets aren't in the same situation as Tad, but it's great that people can rely on this service to help with surgeries and treatments for their companions. It's a shame that some people will scam people just because they can. :( (I'm not saying this individual was...) It's also surprising how many people have popped out of the woodwork asking for help for seemingly routine vet visits. I can't imagine that my vet is the only one who has thought of offering this 'by donation' type of help...