Going Home

 This one is of Tad's first day in my house. 4/9/11...the day I brought him home from the clinic. The Tahoe is a bumpy ride, Saturday's are pig pen cleaning day, and yes...my house is REALLY that small. :) ...all those comments will make complete since after you watch the video. lol


  1. I'm sure Tad is very grateful to have a loving new family and new home to call his own. :-)

  2. OMG the change! His skin looks so much better! Arent his back legs looking more normal than on previous videos?
    Looks like a happy and loving home he can now call his own :D
    Nice how the dogs, cat and piggie are all living peacefully together, as far as we can see :)
    I showed this video to a friend and he wasnt believing it was really Tad. He didnt watched all of them, only few at beginning. He's amazed of what you did :)