Massive Update

My computer crashed on Thursday, which was just super... So, I've been having a fun time trying to put things back where they go after the computer guy (http://www.facebook.com/agilecomputer or
http://www.agilecomputerservice.com) returned it to me. I'm having such a fun time that apparently, I'm missing a few things and things that worked right on Wednesday don't work right today and can't figure out just what that is...

So, enough about my darling computer. Let's talk Tad, shall we?

He's doing amazing. He really is. I heard his first bark on Tuesday, and this boy is definitely a hound dog! Here's a little video with his bark...and of course, him finding money on the ground for me!

Friday evening as I was putting Tad back into Isolation, he bumped the puppy gate and it fell over and cut his foot. Poor thing; he is definitely accident prone. :/

Here he is with his bandage...that he liked to rub his face on and such.

Tad has had a TON of support from his nearly 3,000 fans. We post up the cards, letters, and pictures in Isolation so he is constantly reminded just how many are rooting for him.

His new bed from The Weaver's came in, and he LOVES it. He also has gotten many lovely blankets!

Including his Milty Blanket! This picture was taken on Friday...he looks AMAZING.

I decided to take him home for the weekend. We're not sure how long he's contagious...some say 3-5 days after treatment and then he's no longer contagious...and some other's say they're always contagious. Blah.

I'll take my chances.

He's sleeping in the bathroom, though I have let him wander around the house a bit. He has this fear of getting out of the car, I think because my Tahoe is so high he doesn't know his own strengths yet. I have a feeling that he walks funny on his back legs because he's lacking so much muscle mass. Most dogs have a nice formed muscle, Tad has flab. It's becoming quite a challenge to get him to go back into the bathroom after letting him out...he's a pretty smart fella. But, the way to his heart is still with food right now. So, that does the trick.

On Monday, he'll get another skin scraping. He'll also get his second Sarcoptic Mange treatment (Frontline) as well as getting him some more antibiotics.

Thanks for the support...I'm backed up on videos, but I'll definitely get some up soon. :)


  1. beautiful! he is doing great . all he needed was to be shone love and compassion...thank you for giving him that! good boy tad

  2. He looked liked he felt embarrassed on the walk, poor guy. You are so sweet to him. Much love and blessings on you.

  3. His eyes have changed in look , before they looked depressed , sad , lost hope . Now he looks at you with Love ! He is happy you can see it in his eyes :) Hugs to Tad !

  4. We brought home a puppy from the pound who had been found running down the street in a nearby town. He likes car rides OK but when it's time to get out, he trembles and I have to lift him out - I suspect he ended up running down the street because he got tossed from a car, and he's afraid it will happen again. God Bless you and Tad, it's a wonderful story I look forward to following each day!

  5. He looks so much better Tiffany, thank you being his angel and taking him in to his new furever home. His eyes have hope in them, which you have given him. Go Tad..small goodie box should arrive this week from me and my family.<3 <3 <3

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  7. I agree with Kelly.... his eyes tell it all. I LOVE this video. He was watching you so close when you were fixing that food.

  8. Oh my! What a change in this video! Indeed he lost that sadness in his eyes.
    I love the way he wags his tail when he sees you :) That's pure love and happiness!
    He looks stronger and so much more healthy. With time I hope his back legs will get strong too.

  9. So happy to see such a wonderful update on TAD. I love the beginning of the video when is wagging his tale and of course his bark sounds wonderful. He's such a great little guy and so fortunate to have you- his guardian angel. Keep the awesome updates coming!

  10. awsome. I am so happy to see how wonderful he look. Tiffany no words can describe what a wonderful job you have done. God bless you. And the whole staff at the office. You all are angels from above. I am still up for that trip once my schedule is slowing down. I want to give Tad and every single one at the office a big huge. THANK YOU ONCE AGAGIN.

  11. Hi Tiffany & Tad,
    So glad you are back up Tiffany. Tad looks so good! You are a wonderful guardian angel! Gentle Hugs for Tad.

  12. Awwwwww! I can't tell you how much it lifts me up to know that people like you do these things. I think dogs are the biggest blessing that us humans have, and I can't even think about someone who could leave him like that... so so happy to see everything you're doing.

    And look at that LONG tail he has! How precious!

    Your blog makes me truly happy!