'It's quiet. Too quiet.'

I've gotten a few personal FB messages as well as few on Tad's FB from some concerned fans; let me tell you, that's a lovely feeling. It's nice to know that people pay attention and that they care enough to check on me.

You may (or may not) have noticed that Tad's FB and Tad's Toys FB have slowed down...a lot. Eventually, things will (hopefully!) get back to the way they were. Tad's Toys are still operating, in fact, we're donating toys to The Forgotten Pet Advocates this month. If you'd like to donate new or gently used toys to various dogs and cats who have been abandoned at boarding facilities, please  check out: www.facebook.com/TadsToys

I'm not doing this for sympathy or pity, you guys know me better than that. This is so everyone, who wants to be, is on the same page.

For the past few months, I've been on my own...and with Charles' help, I've been doing fine. Unfortunately, he is unable to help me anymore. So, things got...difficult? Sticky? Crappy? ...you name it. No hard feelings between us, but...the situation certainly sucks.

You may have seen posts by a few personal friends on Tad's FB about me having to rehome animals; they are true. I am...pretty heartbroken over that decision; honestly, heartbroken may not be the word. It's just the only one I can find.

Sundae and Loofah (the guinea pigs) are being adopted by a lovely guinea pig person about 4 hours away on Saturday. She seems perfect for them, and I am relieved that she was able to take them in. I'm currently talking with a woman in Turtle Rescue for Rubicon, but he is still in need of a new home. Then, I need to find places for the two tanks of fish, though, Tetanus (the betta) may be able to stick around since he is...well, he's a betta. Catillac is still...up in the air, as far as if she will need a new home or not. I don't know that I could do that, rehome her, so she is likely going to stay...as are the dogs. They will not be going anywhere. Walker is the only one who can go, and he will only go with Charles, if Charles can have him.

I am in the process of moving as well, well...not really 'moving' yet, but looking for somewhere to go. I can't afford the mortgage for our house on my own, so I'm moving out, and ideally, when I'm out, Charles will move back in or we'll sell it as is. I tried to have it refinanced to make the payments lower, but the guy said it'd only save me about $60 a month, so it wasn't worth it. I already have 2 jobs, and I think that a 3rd would really affect Tad's behavior-I would never be home for them.

Since January, a few Tad fans have helped me out in various ways and you guys...you have no idea how much that means to me. I've never asked for help, and I never will...but, to know that y'all have done it on your own...sometimes without me even knowing, it certainly is an amazing feeling. I cannot say thank you enough.

In a nutshell, bear with me...Tad's FBs will be back to normal at some point, but...it's kind of chaotic right now in mine and Tad's life. I think that chaos and my stress is really pulling on Tad. His aggression and behavior issues have...just gone of the charts since this mess started. So, we try to be all rainbows and butterflies at home, but...let me tell you...with animals disappearing, boxes being packed, Tad is not seeing rainbows and butterflies, unfortunately.

You guys are awesome, every single one of you, for being a part of Tad. I feel like y'all should get an explanation of this 'quietness' around his blog and FB, so here it is. Bear with me, it'll all be normal again soon, I hope.

Squirrel Patrol


The Church Kittens

We got a call today from a big fancy Lutheran church in the area and the lady explained that they had found an old laundry basket with kittens inside sitting in front of their sanctuary doors. She said that they normally don't go to the sanctuary during the week, so thankfully someone went to the sanctuary today or else the kittens would have been stuck in that nasty laundry basket until the weekend.

She explained that they were sick and that she was unable to keep them. So, we offered...and, here we are. The lady donated to help test the kittens for FIV and Feline Leukemia (they are negative!), which was super nice of her!

In a nutshell, these little kitties are about 4 weeks old and moderately healthy. They have URIs and are sort of eating on their own. We've got them started on EVO, antibiotics, and some eye drops. They're covered in fleas and likely anemic because of it.

Within a few weeks they'll need homes... *wink*wink*

...and, I'm sure y'all are wondering, 'What on Earth has she named these!?' Quite of a few of you know me personally, and you know that my naming...well, it happens to be pretty stinkin' random.

Since these kittens were abandoned at a church, we decided to go with that. We always 'theme' litters so we can keep track of kittens, and also so we don't re-use names because that's bad karma. Sooo...we went after religions. Catholic (Cathy for short), Lutheran (Luther for short), and Christian (Chris for short).

The Church Kittens

Catholic (Cathy)

Lutheran (Luther)

Christian (Chris)

Tadders loves his new kitten friends!