Tad's Measurements

Since Tad's visit to PetSmart, many of his fans have asked what size shirt he would need. Frankly, I've no idea, so Tad's friend Courtney gave me a really easy way to measure him. These are his measurements, which I'll also add to the 'Donations and Packages' page for easy finding later on as well.

If you'd like to send him a shirt as many other's have offered, you'll find the address and everything else you'll need on the Donations and Packages page here on his blog.

Tad's Length: 21in
Tad's Girth: 27in (Don't tell the ladies!)
Tad's Neck: 17.5in

Tad should still gain a little weight, so his girth and neck may need room to spare later on. He sure wants to know what the heck I'm doing to him and he'd really like to taste my tape measure. :)


Please, Be Careful

I can't give a lot of details on this, and I hope that y'all understand. However, we were approached today by someone who asked if I would make them a Facebook/Blog for their animal for...'donations'...and it really hurt my heart.

I absolutely would NEVER do something like that...ever. This person was even told that we don't 'ask' for donations of ANY kind. EVER.

I am so thankful that you all have been so kind and generous, and I am so thankful that y'all have been able to help so many...but, please do use caution. If there are more people out there like this person...which, I am sure there are...please, please, please be careful.

I moderate a forum for pets (www.petlovers.com) and there are a few people who have come on the board asking for 'help' and their stories will truly pull at your heart strings. But, they are fraudulent and some people do fall victim to their scams, unfortunately.

I just wanted to make this quick post to hopefully remind all of you to please be cautious. ...that's all I will say.

PetSmart Experience

It wasn't so bad. The only public place Tad has been has been the clinic and the dog park. So, I expected some turbulence going into PetSmart today.

Getting Tad out of the Tahoe without Walker and Chica getting out was a feat. I managed, but had two upset doggies in the car. :/ Tad did well throughout the store, sniffing here and there, but sticking right to my heels the entire time. He wasn't nearly as sociable, but this was all new to him.

Oh, and let's not forget all the double takes he was getting and the funny looks. Not one person stopped to talk to me, but one lady and her husband did pull their three chihuahuas out of the way quickly as soon as they saw Tad.

I was wearing my scrubs, and of course, his feet were bandaged...so, perhaps they assumed he was being cared for...? I really don't know.

I initially went into PetSmart to look into T-shirts for Tad. I had stopped by Petco first and checked there, since they normally have more clothes...but, everything was pink and had bows and ribbons. Tad is comfortable in his manhood, I however, could not bring Tad home without testicles and wearing a pink dress with ruffles. Charles would not allow me inside. Haha!

So, Petco had nothing and PetSmart's shirts were all for a Shih Tzu or smaller... :/ ...bummer, I'll just have to keep looking around. Texas gets HOT and that sun is awful big around here, so I want Tad's hairlessness protected with a T-shirt, but I am just having an issue finding one. I won't give up hope, though.

I'm going to keep looking, and also see about having his Superman shirt altered with elastic to fit him better.

Dewclaw Removal Recheck

We just changed out Tad's bandages on his rear dewclaw removal incisions. They look really, really good. A few of the sutures may end up being too tight, and we may have to release a few of them at a later date, but so far so good.

However, he's a turd, I tell you. He managed to get the BOTTOM layer (the layer closest to his skin) out from underneath everything else without affecting the other layers of wrap above it. :/

...the entire time we're trying to change out his bandage, he's trying to eat everything. The vet wrap, the cling wrap, the cast padding, the telfa pad...mercy, mercy, Tad!

I sure do like him. He's got the coolest personality...for the most part. ;)

Here are his new bandages:

Oh, and of course...his beautiful fuzzy face!


Surgery Success

Boy, do I have a lot to say today!

Firstly, you've probably noticed the new layout for the blog. I decided that Tad needed something a bit...brighter, or happier, if you will. He's certainly making history and living miracles every day...why not give him some color?

Tad successfully made it through surgery, and he's curled up in his bed right now. He's doing well.

I want to do a run down of the day, because I know many of you have questions about what all we did and why.

So, for starters...we rechecked his bloodwork. When his skin was finally in a position that could be humanely poked with a needle, we checked his organ function and blood counts. In a nutshell, everything that was low or elevated was no surprise considering his condition.

However, we rechecked it today and everything was completely normal. We had a scare regarding his platelets, but we ran a second CBC to be sure. They turned out fine.

On his skin scrapings, we no longer see Sarcoptic Mange Mites (contagious mange). So, that is a MEGA PLUS! ...however, we are still seeing Demodex Mange Mites (non-contagious). It will be a while before those are all gone, considering he has it so bad it's showing up in his poop!

Tad was given an IV catheter, as are all our surgery patients, and we had him on IV fluids throughout his 3-4 hour long procedure. I can't remember exactly when we started, but I imagine it was around lunch time.

His neuter went well, and we had no troubles there. It was weird not having to 'shave' the area. Tad is completely hairless on his underside. The hair that you see in the pictures, is from the top down...that's all he has. He's completely neked underneath.

We also xrayed Tad's hips and his knees. His hips are far better than either of my other two dogs, and in good shape. We have some concerns about Tad's knees, but from what we can tell, it appears what we're concerned with are growth plates. I have noticed though, his sitting, jumping, walking, etc. is slowly getting better, so I'm happy with that.

Tad was also microchipped; he's finally one of the group.

Tad's Microchip Tag on his Collar
Tad also was tattooed. Walker, Chica, Catillac, Charles, and I myself are all tattooed...it's only right to give Tad the same . Walker has a 'W' on the inside of his thigh, Chica has a star in one of her ears, Catillac has the Cadillac symbol on her belly, and Charles and I...well, we're 'decorated' as well. Tad was given a 'T' on the inside of his thigh...yep, he's hardcore.

Tad's Tattoo as the Ink Sets

I tattoo partially because, well...the rest of the family is. But, also to further prove a dog is my own should anything happen. Tattoos are permanent as long as they are touched up as needed. I rely more on collars and microchips, but most of all, I rely on obedience and trust.

We also removed Tad's rear dewclaws. They were very large, the nails curved no matter how short we cut them, and both nails were broken at some point. They also had...erm, extra toes sorta kinda coming out of the back of them. Totally creepy and completely hard to describe. They'll remain bandaged for the next 3-5 days, and in about 2 weeks, we'll remove the sutures.

Tad on the Surgery Table
Tad did well throughout the entire day, he's pretty conked out now...but, I'm sure he's hungry. So, with that...I'm off to feed the hounds their dinner...and maybe a bit extra for Tadward as he's had a hard day.


Going Home

 This one is of Tad's first day in my house. 4/9/11...the day I brought him home from the clinic. The Tahoe is a bumpy ride, Saturday's are pig pen cleaning day, and yes...my house is REALLY that small. :) ...all those comments will make complete since after you watch the video. lol

Tad and his Milty Blanket

I am really, really, REALLY behind on videos. I keep forgetting that some of you follow only the blog and not his Facebook. Sorry about that!

Here's video from the day he got his Milty Blanket! If you want to read more about Milty Blankets, check out their Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Milty-Blanket-and-Maike-Fan-Club/352482355356 They were so kind to handmake him a blanket and donate it to him!

Here's the lovely video; it's a little longer than usual.

Diagnosis : Dry Eye

Tad had another exam today, as I've been worried about his right eye. He seems more squinty in it, and sometimes it's a bit swollen. He generally has tons of discharge from it in the mornings, so we got him up on the lift table and started testing.

We first checked him for dry eye. Now, if you remember when I first got him, he was so dehydrated that he could not produce his own tears, therefore...he had temporary dry eye. Dry Eye is more common in Shih Tzu's and other bug-eyed breeds. Well, his results for his dry eye test were 8 in his right eye, and 11 in his left eye. You want at LEAST 15's in both eyes. The tear production was very slow, and of course, did not meet the minimums.

We also made sure he was checked for ulcers. Dry Eye wouldn't necessarily cause swelling, but upon staining his eye to check for an ulcer, we found nothing. No reason for infection and/or swelling from what we could tell.

So, he's now on a special eye drop that was initially ordered for Pepper (RIP little turd), but we are able to use it on Tad. It will treat ulcers and dry eye, so if he has an ulcer that is nearly healed and/or way too small to see...we're set.

We're going to recheck his tear production in one month...and HOPEFULLY this is not a permanent issue. Tad is normally hydrated now, so I'm really worried that he will have dry eye for the rest of his life. A constant reminder of his hard life before me.


Cheese Whiz

Some of you, from what I can tell...are still a bit lost and confused about the Cheese, Tad's obsession.When Tad first came into the hospital, on that very first Monday, he needed quite a large number of pills and medications. You remember, he was in terrible shape and on death's door. In our clinic, we use Cheese Whiz and Peanut Butter to give medications to dogs and cats. (Yes, cats like Cheese Whiz, too.)

I didn't want to dehydrate Tad more so than he already was, so I picked Cheese Whiz. His eyes lit up, he stared at that can after his first taste, and I knew it was love at first sight. There is absolutely no health benefit in it, unless you consider the happiness it gives him as 'healthy'. I sure do.

But, really...it's simply a treat, and way to get him to eat things he does not want to...which, lately...there's nothing he won't eat.

I hope this answers some questions and gives you some insight on his obsession. If I think back, Cheese Whiz was his very first 'treat'...so yeah, it's his first love.

Monday = Surgery Day

We've decided to go ahead and do surgery on Monday. It's going to a big day for him.

We're going to scale his teeth to get some of the plaque and tartar off, neuter him, microchip him, and of course, xray his hips to ensure it's not just atrophy (lack of muscle) that can cause his funny gait.

We're also going to give him another skin scrap to compare the number of demodex mites, as well as checking again for sarcoptic mites. He's also due for another sarcoptic treatment on Monday, and we'll do it even though we may not find any mites. He's to get a demodex treatment tomorrow.

We're going to go ahead and dive in with this. There's so many things we want to do while he's out, and we're kind of thinking that doing it now will be better than waiting until he's 100% healed.

The reasoning? If we do it now, his immune system lowers and he may or may not have a flare up of the demodex. We're giving him a demodex treatment a few days before surgery to hopefully help curb some of those mites that may come out. If we wait until he is 100%, and gets all of his hair and looks amazing and then do surgery...he may have a flare up and get bald patches again.

I don't want him to go through that again. I want him to gradually get better, even if he has a flare up now. I'd rather now than later...and having to start over from the beginning.

EDIT - I also wanted to add that Tad weighs 48lbs today!


Sedate or Wait?

Twenty eleven is really, honestly, truly a horrible year for Charles and I. Our bad luck is getting so ridiculous that it's almost funny now. Things have just been one bad issue after another...and, then there's Tad.

His personality and the way that he looks at me...it just seems to make everything else go to the back of my mind, and I remember all of you and your support and care and for that moment I feel better.

I want you all to know first and foremost how grateful I am that so many were able to donate money for Tad's care. Charles texted me this morning and said he just got laid off. Two weeks ago they had him start filling out all the necessary paperwork to start the hiring process (he was a contract worker for a big corporation). So, things are about to get even tighter than they were...but, I know that Tad is taken care of...thanks to you guys. I would have most certainly given Tad the absolute same care that I am able to with y'all's help, it just would have taken a lot longer...and now with recent events...it would have taken even longer.

I am by no means asking for your sympathy or anything of that nature; I am simply trying to explain just how grateful I am for all of you. There really are no words.

I have been so backed up with things lately that my videos, pictures, and blog updates are seriously lacking. We have a few more concerns about Tad.

We may neuter him sooner than expected. He has a serious issue with humping any time he gets excited, he will hump the air. Now, I know that neutering may not do anything, but I have hopes it will help some. We have a few other reasons to go ahead and do this early as well.

We need to recheck his bloodwork, which would be a good idea before anesthesia anyway. We're going to also scale his teeth to get the chunky plaque and tartar of of them while he's out.

But, the biggest reason for going ahead with this is that we're worried about his hips. In his videos and pictures, you may or may not noticed his back legs. He does not have a normal stance. When he runs, it's really, really awkward. Both legs move at the same time, but in a weird sort of fashion. He has trouble sitting down and getting up from sitting down.

We're wanting to xray his hips, and the only way to get good hip xrays is to completely sedate the animal. Well, we don't want to sedate him every other week or so, so we want to knock all of this out at one time.

The concern with anesthesia/surgery is that it lowers the immune system. Well, one of his types of mange (Demodex) thrives off a weak immune system.

Often times we avoid surgery/vaccines when they have this type of mange because it gives the Demodex Mites a nice opportunity to flourish. However, with neutering, the hormones are removed for the body allowing the metabolism to slow down, which may help Tad gain weight at a quicker rate.

There are pros and cons on either side of this, and the doctor and I are still undecided on which route to take. You guys know that I will definitely keep you all updated.


Tad's New Orthopedic Bed

I am super duper behind on videos and photos, and I'm trying to catch up. Here's video from April 8th, the day Tad's new bed came in the mail (donated by the Weaver Family).



This is so awesome! Check these out from Tag-A-Print!

I've selected for 50% of the profits made from these tags to go to animals in shelters that are on death row, and 50% of the profits made to go to Coldspring Stars, a local rescue that I volunteer my photography for.

Spread the word around, and let's help show our support for homeless dogs and cats everywhere!


Quick Update

We checked Tad's urine yesterday, and it was at a normal concentration. So, that is GREAT. However, we'll continue to check his concentration at least once a week to be sure, and potentially catch something before it gets out of hand.

Tad is just doing AWESOME. I don't even think that's the appropriate word. We're still having an issue getting in the Tahoe to come to work in the mornings and go home at night, and getting out is a battle, as well. If I disappear, and leave the door open, and he can't see me...he'll fly out of the Tahoe. But, getting him in it is a bit trickier. I want to say that my Tahoe is too high (it's lifted almost 6 inches more than normal Tahoes). My dogs run and jump in and out with no problems, but this is all new to Tad. I know there's a learning curve there.

His wounds are almost completely non-existant since the second Convenia injection, so that makes me super happy. He's less itchy today and yesterday, but still has some. It's to be expected. He got some shampoo in the mail from Pamela Madden, and we're going to use that today for his bath.

Also, more happy news...now, when he shakes his head, he does not rupture the wounds on the underside causing them to bleed...that is AWESOME. He still bleeds easily, so we get mega excited when things heal to the point they won't easily bleed.

He still stinks to high heaven, and my Tahoe smells like there's something dead inside...it's kind of embarassing. lol ...but, oh well. Occupational hazards, again.

He's starting to play...sort of. He'll chew on the toys, and he wants to play with Walker and Chica, but they're both old farts and uninterested. He knows his name, and is EXTREMELY obedient. We're still working on 'sit', but he knows 'stay' and 'come'. I'd like to think he's smart, but...othertimes, I am not so sure. lol

We've gone to mostly dry food now, he gets 1/2 can in the mornings and 1/2 can at night. When we first started this, he didn't want the dry food, only canned. But, I'm sorry, Tad-o...you're going to have to be like everyone else in the house. :)

This update is kind of rushed, and I apologize. I am so largely overwhelmed I can't even think straight.

I know we're lacking in videos and pictures, but the computer guy took my computer back today because it's wonky... :/


Some Concerns

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably noticed my update about how Tad has just about lost all of his hair. He is definitely just about hairless on his sides now. There's only a 1/2 heart left on his forhead, and his butt, thighs, and hips are pretty much naked. The mange will get worse before it gets better, and it definitely has. We're on the mend now, and he does have some peach fuzz coming back. So hopefully, all the bad hair is falling out to make room for luscious locks. 

We do, however, have a concern...and I've not spoken about it because we're not entirely sure what could be causing this. Tad pees...a lot...all the time. It's always clear and has no smell.

First thought? He's drinking a lot of water. Nope. He doesn't drink nearly as much as Walker or Chica, and I'd say he drinks a fair amount...but not excessive.

So, next up...kidney failure? We ran his bloodwork a week ago, and his kidney values were acceptable. The problem with kidney malfunction is that in order for it to show up on bloodwork, about 75% of the kidneys have to be dead. But, Tad's numbers aren't even high normal, they're middle range normal.

There are a few other more serious concerns, like diabetes and such, but we checked his urine tonight and there's no glucose in it (typical for diabetics) and really no infection like a UTI. However, he does have Oxalate Crystals, which these are a rare urinary crystal and a little harder to treat. They can be common/normal in some dogs, but when the urine is dilute it's more of a concern...well, Tad's urine is definitely dilute.

So, the next step? We're not doing a true water deprivation test as those can be dangerous, especially with Tad's condition, but I am pulling the water up right now. No one will get water all night, but after Tad pee's tomorrow morning, they can have water.

Why are we doing this? We want Tad to concentrate his urine...and first urine of the morning is the best urine for urinalysis. Let's hope that tomorrow morning, Tad's urine is concentrated...if not, we'll have to dig a bit deeper...


Rechecks and Reports

Yesterday was quite a big day for Tad. It was his two week recheck. So, let's go down the list...


Okay, first up...eyes. I ran out of the eye ointment, Terramycin, I believe on Wednesday or Thursday. So, before wasting money on another tube...we wanted to see how his eyes were doing. He is producing his own tears, and keeping them lubricated. He does get a bit of goop now and again, but they are, as a whole, 100% better.

His ears...oh, his ears. He still has a raging infection...there's been some improvement, but they are DEFINITELY better. We're going to continue the same medication, Micazole, for the next two weeks and if they're not completely healed by then...we may need to switch the medicine so the yeast don't start creating resistance to it.

Skin : As you can see in the pictures, it's 100x's better. Amazingly better, in fact. The large wound on the outside of his leg is getting smaller each and every day. The long laceration on the inside of the same leg is now two seperate wounds, seperated by a healthy amount of scar tissue. They look awesome. He still smells...well, he literally smells like a dead animal. His stench makes Charles gag and need to vomit...and I kid you not, it is a mighty powerful odor. We're no longer doing the hydrotherapy, but he does get a bath once a week. His skin is pretty dry now, and I want to say that the tea tree oil was not helping that. Sure, it stopped the itching, but I feel it may have been what's drying him out. So, we were donated a bottle of emu oils with other natural oils and lotioning him up twice a day and wow! Not only does he love it...but, it's so much easier to pet him when he doesn't leave large pieces of dead skin behind. ;) We've given him another shot of Convenia. Convenia is a two week antibiotic injection that is perfect for skin. It made a huge difference overnight the first time, and hopefully it'll take the last little bit of infection away this time. We also rescraped his skin. I didn't see ANY sarcoptic mange mites (contagious) and a significantly less number of demodex mites...and those I did see were all dead.

We're going to start getting him back on adult canned food and incorporating more dry food into his diet. He is steadily putting on weight, he's at 43 pounds now...and we're both super excited about that.

All in all, he's doing wonderfully...and he makes me a proud girl every day. Look at what he is becoming...

Tad is a Turd

Tad is a turd. That is all.

Yes. He is entitled...BUT!

So...all weekend, I had him home with me, right? Okay...great. I took his entire assortment of toys, blankets, beds, treats, foods, etc. with me. I left the huge box of food related items on the floor. Everything was sealed shut, so neither of the other two would get into them. They are Tad's and he will get the majority of his goodies...but, the other two pleading eyes that belong to two overweight dogs are hard to resist... lol

So, all weekend, various bags from the box are being found all over my wee little house. They're not harmed...as in torn open and missing treats...just strewn about. Do you see where I'm going with this?
When I first rescued Walker, he often did this. He'd take a bag of treats of the couch or something and carry it to his bed and sleep on them. He didn't want to share, maybe? ...well, none of the bags are being found in beds. They're in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, behind the couch, etc.

I pick them up, put them back...and a few hours later...they're in a new place.

I never caught ANYONE doing it. I don't mind...whoever it is aren't eating them, just moving them around.

But, today...just after trying his Robe on...Tad went back into Isolation and his box of goodies from yesterday and today are sitting on the floor in there with him. He picked up a bag of Canine Carry Outs, carried it in his mouth, and dropped it next to his bed before curling up and going to sleep. :)


Massive Update

My computer crashed on Thursday, which was just super... So, I've been having a fun time trying to put things back where they go after the computer guy (http://www.facebook.com/agilecomputer or
http://www.agilecomputerservice.com) returned it to me. I'm having such a fun time that apparently, I'm missing a few things and things that worked right on Wednesday don't work right today and can't figure out just what that is...

So, enough about my darling computer. Let's talk Tad, shall we?

He's doing amazing. He really is. I heard his first bark on Tuesday, and this boy is definitely a hound dog! Here's a little video with his bark...and of course, him finding money on the ground for me!

Friday evening as I was putting Tad back into Isolation, he bumped the puppy gate and it fell over and cut his foot. Poor thing; he is definitely accident prone. :/

Here he is with his bandage...that he liked to rub his face on and such.

Tad has had a TON of support from his nearly 3,000 fans. We post up the cards, letters, and pictures in Isolation so he is constantly reminded just how many are rooting for him.

His new bed from The Weaver's came in, and he LOVES it. He also has gotten many lovely blankets!

Including his Milty Blanket! This picture was taken on Friday...he looks AMAZING.

I decided to take him home for the weekend. We're not sure how long he's contagious...some say 3-5 days after treatment and then he's no longer contagious...and some other's say they're always contagious. Blah.

I'll take my chances.

He's sleeping in the bathroom, though I have let him wander around the house a bit. He has this fear of getting out of the car, I think because my Tahoe is so high he doesn't know his own strengths yet. I have a feeling that he walks funny on his back legs because he's lacking so much muscle mass. Most dogs have a nice formed muscle, Tad has flab. It's becoming quite a challenge to get him to go back into the bathroom after letting him out...he's a pretty smart fella. But, the way to his heart is still with food right now. So, that does the trick.

On Monday, he'll get another skin scraping. He'll also get his second Sarcoptic Mange treatment (Frontline) as well as getting him some more antibiotics.

Thanks for the support...I'm backed up on videos, but I'll definitely get some up soon. :)


Merial and Wellness Donations

Today has been a very lucky day for Tad. We received some donations of Frontline and Heartgard from our Merial Drug Representative. (Merial is the company who makes those products.) We also got a phone call from Wellness. They are sending us $100 in coupons to purchase his food as it would get here faster than shipping food, and is, of course, more economical for everyone.

I am super thankful for both of these companies and their support.


A Place to Call Home

Charles and I had a long talk Friday night...like, really long. Some promises were made, and it was decided that Tad will stay here with us...forever. The way he looks at me, the emotion there, it's not something a camera can catch and I don't know that I could feel good about finding him a new home when all is said and done. This bond will only get stronger, and I don't know that I could betray him with a new family. I know that sounds mean; I can't find the right word...but, I'm sure you all know what I mean.

If you don't...perhaps this video may explain it better.

Charles and I went out last night and bought Tad a collar and a tag...I think he really, really liked it. He can't wear it all the time...it's way too big right now, so I don't want him unattended with it. He wears it outside on his walks, and I know he enjoys that.

Tag Front

Tag Back - My # is under the white line. ;)

Tad wearing his collar.

We believe Tad's eyes are infected, and so he's getting an antibiotic eye ointment in them now along with wiping them clean a few times a day.

His skin is less irritated and inflamed, however he's more itchy. So, he's really tearing himself up with his nails.I think the Benadryl is helping with the itching some. But, the mange will get worse before it gets better, so we're prepared for that.

He'll get his first bath tomorrow, and I know that'll help him feel TONS better. His skin is getting dry and flaky now, so getting all that dead skin and scabs off will do wonders for him. The tops of his feet crack and bleed each time we walk him, and that makes me so sad. I  hope that he will not suffer from dry skin his whole life. But, if he does...he'll get some skin supplements to keep that under wraps.

We're going to try and check his kidneys, liver, and other blood values tomorrow, as well as his heartworm status. I am nervous about what we may find, but I've got faith in Tad. He's cleared all hurdles thus far...what's a few more?



I try very, very hard to read every post made on Tad's Facebook Support Page. I try VERY hard. But, sometimes things get missed...forgive me.

I spent the last hour going through tons of wall posts and picture comments. A lot of you have questions that have been answered in various places throughout this blog, throughout his Facebook, etc.

I figured it would make our lives a lot easier to put them all in one place...saves my fingers the typing...forgive me if I just send you the link to this post when you ask a question that has been answered here. I am not trying to be a turd, and I want you to know the answer...this is just the easiest route to take.

What his is name?
His name is Tad. Initially, that was an acronym for 'The Abandoned Dog' for his medical record. We're a paperless hospital, and so he needed a name on Monday to be entered in. Tad has turned into an acronym for many, many things...all of them lovely and all of them right, but the main one being 'Totally Awesome Dog'.

Where was Tad found?
Tad was found just north of a small town in Texas called Willis. It's a little over an hour north of Houston, Texas. Tad was picked up off the side of the road (Calvary Road).

Have his owners been found?
I am Tad's owner now. Tad is mine. Whoever owned Tad before, even if they come forth to claim their negligence, they will not get him. Tad's condition did not happen overnight. He has been this way for a very, very long time. He's been neglected for months; and he's nearly starved completely to death.

Are the cops looking for his owners?
No. Simply because I did not report it; I honestly don't know the animal laws in this little country town. My main purpose is to save Tad's life and to raise awareness for people who feel like this is a one in a million situation. It is not. It happens all day long, every day...only some are more exposed to it than others.

What kind of a dog is Tad?
At this point in time, Tad is severely underweight. He is misshapen and he has barely any hair. It's very difficult for us to determine what kind of dog he is, only time will tell. All I can say is that the is, right now, tan and white and has enormous paws.

What is Tad's history?
You know as much as I do about Tad's history...I found him cowering on the side of the road suffering and in horrible pain. I don't know where he came there or how he winded up there; I have a strong suspicion that he was dumped.

How old is Tad?
It's hard to say because of his current body condition. We believe him to be between 1 and 2 years old. He has not been stray his whole life. There's no way. He belonged to someone at some point. He is completely potty trained, leashed trained, and is very polite and well mannered.

Who are you?
My name is Tiffany. I'm a state certified veterinary technician and I work at Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital in Montgomery, Texas. I also own my own photography business, Minha Vida Photography. I'm 24 years old, and I live with my best friend and better half, Charles. We have a cat, 2 guinea pigs, 1 turtle, 1 frog, 3 fish, and 2.5 dogs. Why the half? I share custody of one dog, Pepper, with Dr. Holliday. You can read Pepper's story HERE.

Why aren't there any recent photos!?
Please understand that Tad was pulled off the street on Saturday, March 26. The pictures you are seeing on his Facebook and here in his blog are current/recent photos of him.

When exactly did you find him?
He was found March 26, 2011 around 5pm.

Is there anything you need?
You guys have given me the most respectable and loving support I never imagined. I cannot ask for more. Your care and kind words give me courage and strength to keep pushing. To keep rescuing...to keep trying to save lives.

What does Tad need?
Monetary donations are always accepted; check the upper right hand side of this blog. You'll see all the information you need regarding this type of donation.

Tad loves Cheese-Whiz. He currently has 5 bottles, all donated. Tad also loves chewies, but please do not send him anything knotted, twisted, or tied. You can see a picture of 'safe' rawhides on his Facebook page.

Tad has been donated a bed, which has not arrived yet. However, he has such terrible skin that he is in need of a few fleece blankets so that we can wash and dry one and give him the other to sleep with while they're being cleaned.

Tad is unsure of toys, and not entirely sure what he's supposed to do with them. Perhaps that will change in time. He's been donated quite a few toys.

The most important thing at this point is food. Tad eats Wellness Puppy Food. It's available here in my town at PetSmart and Petco. A gift card to those stores for his food would be much appreciated.

If you'd like to send Tad a 'get well' card, it will be hung on the wall in his isolation room. He will be happy to know that so many care.

If you send Tad objects of any kind, please make sure we have your return address. Thank you.

I want to visit Tad. What are the clinic hours?
Wags 2 Whiskers is open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm. We are also open on Saturdays from 8:30am to 12:30pm. You can see our website HERE and our Facebook HERE.

Is Tad going to make it?
We see no reason, at this point in time, for Tad not to recover. However, we do not yet know how his liver and kidneys are functioning after the severe malnourishment, nor do we know his heartworm status. His skin is in too terrible of a shape and too painful to poke around in to draw blood. Hopefully, this coming week, we will run these tests on Tad.

What is wrong with Tad?
In short, Tad is very complex. He was infested with Hookworms and Roundworms. He has since been dewormed. Tad also has a severe yeast infection in both ears. Tad also suffers from two types of mange, which is very rare. He has both Sarcoptic Mange and Demodectic Mange. Tad is extremely malnourished and underweight. We guesstimate him to be about 30lbs underweight, at the LEAST. He also has deep wounds and lacerations around his neck, right front leg, and right ear. His skin and wounds are unfortunately VERY infected.

How are you doing with the donations? Do you need more?
At this point in time, and we are definitely still accepting donations. Eventually, Tad will need to be neutered, vaccinated, and of course, if he's positive, heartworm treatment. You guys have raised a little over $2,000 for Tad's care, and I can't thank you enough. It's going to be a hard road, a long one, but with your help...we are able to treat Tad with no set-backs. Thank you.

Does Tad have a home lined up?
For the next 6 -8 months, Tad will remain with me. I have had one nice woman seriously interested in Tad, and I have been talking with her through email. I have discussed with her the bond that Tad and I share, and explained to her that I was unsure, at this time, if I would be adopting Tad out.

Where is Tad?
Tad currently is hospitalized in Montgomery, Texas.

Was Tad abused?
I cannot say for sure. But, he most certainly was neglected, and that falls into Animal Cruelty, as far as I am concerned.

What is Tad in isolation?
Tad must remain in Isolation because he has Sarcoptic Mange. Sarcoptic Mange is very contagious to other animals and is a zoonotic parasite, meaning humans can get it.

Why don't you wear gloves when you mess with him?
It is a risk I take, and an occupational hazard. If Tad decides to bless me with his mange mites, then so be it. I feel that he needs all the love he can get.

Will all of his hair grow back?
Tad will have some scarring, I'm sure, where the wounds are. His ear, right front leg, and possibly on his neck, however...the hairloss from mange should recover into his normal coat when he is through with treatment.

How long before he's healed?
We aren't really sure. Generally, treatment is 4-6 weeks, but with his extreme immune compromises, it may be longer.

What are the benefits of Cheese-Whiz?
I'm sorry, but this makes me smile. The benefits of Cheese-Whiz are simple...you put pill on the floor, you cover it up and Chees-Whiz, and Tad eats it. Then, he looks up at you because he likes it and wants more. Cheese-Whiz is merely an incentive to get him to take pills, and of course...as a treat for being a splendidly good boy.

I will most certainly add more FAQs as the need arises, so this entry may get longer and longer. Thank you again, for all the care, concern, and support.


Puppy Gate Annihilation

I was off today, but I went in this morning for a few hours to care for Tad. We're trying to limit the number of people he has access to in case there's a Scabies outbreak. I've had it before, and I'm at high risk for getting it from him...but, what do you do? Occupational hazards, they come with the job.

I am so happy with how he's recovering, and I say that a lot...but, I really truly am. He was trotting along on our walk this morning and I had to run to keep up with him. It was awesome.

I walked him down a little trail to get him to the bluebonnets (it's a Texas thing!) and there were some thorns that really scratched up his legs...poor guy. I felt terrible.

Tad - 4/1/11
Tad had a good morning this morning. He annihilated a puppy gate. He had fun jumping over it, running rampant throughout the clinic with us chasing him. Then, he'd follow me back to isolation, and he'd do it again a few minutes later. He had a blast...but, I have to buy a new puppy gate, now.

Puppy Gate Annihilation

All in all, I am very pleased with everything about him. He was incredibly itchy today, so we started him on some Benadryl to help with that. Generally, steroids is what we'd use to help with the itching from the Sarcoptic Mange, but because he also has Demodectic Mange, he can't have steroids. Purrdy Pawz Grooming Salon has donated a tea tree oil spray to see if that would give him some relief. He's also starting to make his own tears, so we're cutting the eye medicine down to twice daily instead of three times. He's gained 3lbs since Monday, and we're oh so happy about that.

Tad 4/1/11

Here's today's happy video! It's sure to make you smile! ...oh, and be sure and look at his ribs! There's a thin layer of fat covering them!

Fight For Them

Tad's story has become such an incredible journey; a journey that only started 6 days ago. It's a journey that I am so happy to be a part of...a journey that I will remember for the rest of my life.

While Tad's condition is heart breaking, and the thought of him shivering under the stars with no hair and no shelter, starving to death, worms eating him from the inside, and mites eating him from the outside breaks our hearts even more...what about all those out there that have not been given such an amazing recognition and support. All the dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, cows, pigs...everything.

The thought of all these animals out there, on their own in their horrible homes or running free...I think that breaks me even more. Tad, Patrick, and others have been pulled...they've been saved. There is hope for them...but, where is the hope for those animals in your own neighborhood, your own town, your own county...? Who will fight for them?

I know that many of you probably pass by a house or two every now and then, or every day, and there are dogs chained in the yard...or there are dogs severely overweight that they cannot function or there are cats who make about 20 more cats every year...or there are even dogs living in a fenced off area in the back corner of their family's home living in their own filth...who will fight for them?

So, you don't have money to donate, I get that...me either...but you have a voice. Those animals that you pass, that you know are in need of a voice...let them use yours. Speak out...spread the word. Fight for these poor souls who suffer at the hands of others.

Tad and Patrick, and others like them...are not one in a million...they are the norm these days. You may open your eyes to that truth and accept it, or you may remain in denial. I leave that to you...but, I challenge you...as you drive around living your daily life...and you say, 'I wish I could help...'...be reminded that you can. You don't need money...you don't need toys...blankets...anything.

You have a voice... Speak out...fight for those who can't.

...and when you sit there, on the other side of this screen from me...and you say, 'But there are just too many...' I encourage you to read this story...it's short, and will take less than 5 minutes to read.

The Starfish Story

I don't feel that Tad was 'abused', he was severely neglected, yes...but, I feel there are many different levels of animal cruelty; I've personally seen them all. You can have your emotional cruelty, physical, and even mental cruelty. There are so many ways to abuse...and some of the most unfortunate pets receive all three.

I don't ask much from owners. I only ask that you feed them the best you can, and you love them with as much love as you can...and if you can afford vet care...I strongly encourage that, too.

I know, from being a technician, that there are many types of pet owners out there. There are many ways people 'love' and many more ways people 'care'. I accept them all, as long as I can understand them.

I get it...the economy is bad, you're unemployed, you're a college student...I really do get it. I completely understand.

However, Tad's conditions did not happen overnight...it would have taken months for his skin and intestinal parasites to thrive as they are on and in his body. Don't you think you could go without internet for a month...without TV...without cigarettes or booze...without the club on Friday night?

You couldn't go without that for just one month to help ease the pain and suffering of your only friend who will be loyal, true, and love you unconditionally until the end...no matter what?

Tad - 4/1/11