Fight For Them

Tad's story has become such an incredible journey; a journey that only started 6 days ago. It's a journey that I am so happy to be a part of...a journey that I will remember for the rest of my life.

While Tad's condition is heart breaking, and the thought of him shivering under the stars with no hair and no shelter, starving to death, worms eating him from the inside, and mites eating him from the outside breaks our hearts even more...what about all those out there that have not been given such an amazing recognition and support. All the dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, cows, pigs...everything.

The thought of all these animals out there, on their own in their horrible homes or running free...I think that breaks me even more. Tad, Patrick, and others have been pulled...they've been saved. There is hope for them...but, where is the hope for those animals in your own neighborhood, your own town, your own county...? Who will fight for them?

I know that many of you probably pass by a house or two every now and then, or every day, and there are dogs chained in the yard...or there are dogs severely overweight that they cannot function or there are cats who make about 20 more cats every year...or there are even dogs living in a fenced off area in the back corner of their family's home living in their own filth...who will fight for them?

So, you don't have money to donate, I get that...me either...but you have a voice. Those animals that you pass, that you know are in need of a voice...let them use yours. Speak out...spread the word. Fight for these poor souls who suffer at the hands of others.

Tad and Patrick, and others like them...are not one in a million...they are the norm these days. You may open your eyes to that truth and accept it, or you may remain in denial. I leave that to you...but, I challenge you...as you drive around living your daily life...and you say, 'I wish I could help...'...be reminded that you can. You don't need money...you don't need toys...blankets...anything.

You have a voice... Speak out...fight for those who can't.

...and when you sit there, on the other side of this screen from me...and you say, 'But there are just too many...' I encourage you to read this story...it's short, and will take less than 5 minutes to read.

The Starfish Story

I don't feel that Tad was 'abused', he was severely neglected, yes...but, I feel there are many different levels of animal cruelty; I've personally seen them all. You can have your emotional cruelty, physical, and even mental cruelty. There are so many ways to abuse...and some of the most unfortunate pets receive all three.

I don't ask much from owners. I only ask that you feed them the best you can, and you love them with as much love as you can...and if you can afford vet care...I strongly encourage that, too.

I know, from being a technician, that there are many types of pet owners out there. There are many ways people 'love' and many more ways people 'care'. I accept them all, as long as I can understand them.

I get it...the economy is bad, you're unemployed, you're a college student...I really do get it. I completely understand.

However, Tad's conditions did not happen overnight...it would have taken months for his skin and intestinal parasites to thrive as they are on and in his body. Don't you think you could go without internet for a month...without TV...without cigarettes or booze...without the club on Friday night?

You couldn't go without that for just one month to help ease the pain and suffering of your only friend who will be loyal, true, and love you unconditionally until the end...no matter what?

Tad - 4/1/11


  1. You think he got in that shape while living with people? I just assumed he'd been on his own. Sad to think of a puppy fending for himself, but unthinkable that owners would permit that to happen.

  2. i love you for what you're doin. if there is a heaven people like you have a first class ticket in my opinion!

  3. hiya, tiffany...
    i know that you mustn't have enough time to read & reply to all of the messages you receive for, because
    & on behalf of tad; but i wanted to reply to your kind message, anyway, & to let you know how touched i am by your actions. you let your compassionate conscience
    tell you to turn round & go back to collect tad. as you know, it was a courageous & remarkable thing to do. it's not something
    that everyone would do, so you & tad deserve all the help & attention you're getting. he's so lucky to have you & i'm sure that
    he'll repay you one thousand fold once he recovers. he probably already has. it's in his eyes, his gratitude is.
    i look forward to witnessing his progress. thank you for documenting it for those of us who can't be there
    to actually see for ourselves. you're doing good work!
    take care of yourself & cuddles to tad (as well as all your other dogs).
    i wish only the very best for you all!
    thanks, again, for your message. don't worry about a response. i'll keep myself informed through your blog.
    sun, happiness & health...


  4. You are so wonderful and I'm grateful that you saved Tad and are encouraging others to be good Samaritans as well. I can't wait to see how good Tad looks in the future.

  5. I second your suggestion! We all can be a voice for those that cannot speak for themselves. Almost everyone has access to the internet these days...post where you can, tell you friends, contact your legislators! There is power in numbers; just look at Patrick, Pearson and Tad. It is my sincere hope that our numbers will also help Lennox return to his family. Thank you, Tiffany, for not just doing the right thing, but going way above and beyond. There's a very special place in heaven for kind souls as yourself.

  6. Excellent. You are an amazing person. And you are right.

  7. People need to spay and neuter their pets!!! If you can't afford for them to procreate, then that's what you need to do. It's not fair to bring all these animals into the world when there is no place for them to go and be well taken care of.