Quick Update

We checked Tad's urine yesterday, and it was at a normal concentration. So, that is GREAT. However, we'll continue to check his concentration at least once a week to be sure, and potentially catch something before it gets out of hand.

Tad is just doing AWESOME. I don't even think that's the appropriate word. We're still having an issue getting in the Tahoe to come to work in the mornings and go home at night, and getting out is a battle, as well. If I disappear, and leave the door open, and he can't see me...he'll fly out of the Tahoe. But, getting him in it is a bit trickier. I want to say that my Tahoe is too high (it's lifted almost 6 inches more than normal Tahoes). My dogs run and jump in and out with no problems, but this is all new to Tad. I know there's a learning curve there.

His wounds are almost completely non-existant since the second Convenia injection, so that makes me super happy. He's less itchy today and yesterday, but still has some. It's to be expected. He got some shampoo in the mail from Pamela Madden, and we're going to use that today for his bath.

Also, more happy news...now, when he shakes his head, he does not rupture the wounds on the underside causing them to bleed...that is AWESOME. He still bleeds easily, so we get mega excited when things heal to the point they won't easily bleed.

He still stinks to high heaven, and my Tahoe smells like there's something dead inside...it's kind of embarassing. lol ...but, oh well. Occupational hazards, again.

He's starting to play...sort of. He'll chew on the toys, and he wants to play with Walker and Chica, but they're both old farts and uninterested. He knows his name, and is EXTREMELY obedient. We're still working on 'sit', but he knows 'stay' and 'come'. I'd like to think he's smart, but...othertimes, I am not so sure. lol

We've gone to mostly dry food now, he gets 1/2 can in the mornings and 1/2 can at night. When we first started this, he didn't want the dry food, only canned. But, I'm sorry, Tad-o...you're going to have to be like everyone else in the house. :)

This update is kind of rushed, and I apologize. I am so largely overwhelmed I can't even think straight.

I know we're lacking in videos and pictures, but the computer guy took my computer back today because it's wonky... :/


  1. Why does Tad smell? Is it because of the mange? When do you think that will start to subside?

  2. glad to hear hes getting better! if he wants to play...play! he deserves it! good boy tad!

  3. Thanks for the update! You and Tad are both awesome and I am so happy to hear of his progress. You know, Tad looked so awful that he doesn't engender the same outpouring of support that Patrick does. But I think he's beautiful!

    More importantly, you think he's beautiful too. And even more importantly, he thinks you are beautiful too.

  4. Thanks for the updates I think about and check on this dog's progress everyday ... You and TAD enjoy yourselves this weekend !!!

  5. I'm glad things are going better for Mr. Tad! Hopefully he won't be stinky for too much longer. Sometimes just the 'dog' smell of my little man can be too much. You are wonderful!!

  6. I am so happy to hear he is doing great? Yes why does he smell? I hope by the time i have some free times to make my trip to visit him he is all well because i am planning on giving him and you a big long huge.
    You both on my mind everyday.

  7. If the skin is raw and bleeding, and the dog can get a secondary bacterial infection from all the scratching and irritation. And because of that the skin can have an odor. BUT that is not limited to just mange. It can happend with any infection involving the skin.