Mange Update

You may recall that Tad's Demodex Mange has returned. Slowly and surely, he's getting more and more bald spots. We've started him on Mitaban baths for treatment. He had his first one on Tuesday.

The Amitraz in the Mitaban made him extremely sleepy and mellow for about two days, and that has finally worn off. Last night he started to act like himself again.

However, you may also recall (if you follow him on Facebook) that he developed a strange rash in various places, likely caused by the reaction to the dying mites. I bought him so aloe spray to help soothe those areas, which did wonders for him.

While the rash has been gone for a bit now, Tad is still very itchy. We're not sure if this is still reaction to the dying mites, reaction to the pre-dip shampoo, or the Mitaban itself.

Poor fella...I can only hope that starting the treatment as early as we did, that he won't lose too much hair...but, demodex always gets worse before it gets better.


Vimeo Videos!

If you don't follow Tad on Facebook (www.facebook.com/theabandoneddog), you've no doubt missed a ton of videos.

I stopped using YouTube after serious frustrations regarding my 'music choices'...so, I moved over to Vimeo.

I've recently changed the URL for easier finding and sharing. I will, with time, move ALL of Tad's video's over to this Vimeo account.

For those interested: www.vimeo.com/theabandoneddog

Letter From Tad

Sometimes I find myself wondering, as big as Tad has become, if his original owners have seen him lately.

Tad is not the type of dog to 'run away' or 'escape a fence'. I'd like to think that if that were the case, I'd have seen something signaling that in the last 6ish months.

That being said, Tad's condition didn't happen over night...he was on his own for some time, and he must've suffered for some time.

I often wonder if they are a 'fan' of Tad on Facebook (www.facebook.com/theabandoneddog). Do they 'like' his pictures? Do they comment on my status updates? Not to make us all paranoid, but these are just the things that cross my mind...

It crosses my mind so often that I imagined what it would be like for Tad to write them a letter...what might he say? Would he be angry? I don't think so...in a weird way, I think he might be grateful. He would not be who he is today without being dumped, you know.

Please, get your tissues, paper towels, corks, and whatever else you need to plug your tear ducts, because after this video...you'll need them. Also, please share this video far and wide. May it inspire someone else who passes by a 'Tad'...and may they remember to 'be the change they wish to see in the world'


I am pretty excited. I have had the hardest time getting a hold of trainers to work with Tad, and it's been beyond frustrating.

One of Tad's friends, Holly Kelch, who is friends with Robyn Arouty, suggested I try out Michael's Dogs. I'll be the first to tell you that I really don't know what I should be looking for as far as a trainer goes, other than someone who's nice. So, the personal recommendation was nice. Thanks, girls. :)

I just got off the phone with him, and because I'm only off on Thursday's, we have to wait two weeks for our first meeting. It'll be September 8th, as of right now. He's going to see if someone else would like to sit in, and if she'd allow us to use her space (since we're having to meet in the middle due to distance). Hopefully she does, because I'm excited to start working on this with Tad.

He advised me to also read a book called The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson (sp?). He did say it's a bit technical, but it would perhaps prepare me a bit...instead of going in blindly, as I've never really worked on an issue like this before.

So, wish us luck...and hopefully, Tad doesn't try to eat him like he does some men! ;)


It's baaaaack...

Some of you may remember that Tad had two types of mange, which is rare. He had both Sarcoptic (highly contagious) and Demodectic (not contagious) Mange. He was cleared of Sarcoptic Mange, but because of his weak immune system, if took a bit longer to clear him of the Demodex.

To give a little lesson, Demodex is carried on ALL dogs...and humans, too. Whenever the dog's immune system becomes compromised, the mites start to thrive and you start noticing symptoms.

Keep in mind that Tad has a LOT of scarring, and he is fairly neked on his underside. However, while I was walking him out to piddle before we left the clinic for the day, I noticed a new neked spot on his tail. When I got inside, Dr. Holliday and I decided to scrape him again. His last scraping was about 3 months ago, which you may remember had those weird spores that were of no concern.

Dr. Holliday read the scraping, and sure enough, Tad is having another Demodex outbreak. Bummer...

But, the real problem is what to treat him with... We used Promeris on him before, it's a topical flea and tick prevention that can also be used to treat Demodex Mange. Well, Promeris was recently pulled of the shelves for causing an autoimmune disorder of the skin.

Our next option is ivermectin...without knowing Tad's heartworm status, that's not a good idea. It could kill him. Let me explain the heartworm status: Tad's first heartworm test was negative, however...in order for the test to show positive, he must have adult female worms. He was checked for microfilaria, which are baby heartworms...and he didn't have those either. However, it takes 6 months for the worms to grow into adults...so, if at the time of his test (4 months ago) he had 'teenage' heartworms, neither test will pick them up. So, it'll be two more months before we can retest him to ensure he's completely negative. If we're going to be using Ivermectin, we will not use it before we ensure he is as negative as he can possibly get.

So, our last option is a dip. Bah! I hate those...but, you gotta do what you gotta do. We don't carry it, but we're going to look into ordering it tomorrow for him. I think it's a dip every two weeks...or a dip twice a week...? I can't honestly remember, it's been years since we've done one.

Either way, I almost forgot to share this tidbit with you guys as I've been so wrapped up with 'other' things today... :/

Regarding Donations

I am not one to ask for money; if you've been on Tad's page for any length of time...you have probably already realized that. So, don't think I am 'asking' or 'begging' here.

Many of Tad's friends have asked me how to donate money to help cover a behaviorist/trainer for him. Tad has quite a credit on his account at the clinic, so his medical expenses are STILL covered. I want to make this clear; if you're choosing to donate right now...you are helping me to get the very best positive reinforcement trainer or behaviorist (depending on mine and Tad's needs) for him.

I would like to accept most donations through PayPal, which is accredited or verified. I'm not sure the word they use. Please send your donation, if you wish, to: tiffanydieringer@yahoo.com

If you want to send a check or money order, please address them to my name : Tiffany Dieringer and mail them to the hospital.

C/o Tiffany Dieringer
Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital
17099 Walden Road Ste. 180
Montgomery, Texas 77356


I think I need to make a few things clear. Well, maybe not 'need'...some of you will say that I don't 'need' to do anything. But, I do...I try my very best to keep everyone informed as far as Tad goes regardless of the backlashing that I sometimes get. This is a public place, more or less, and I'm a fairly understanding and reasonable person. So, I accept everyone's opinions of this entire situation. I also try very, very hard to read everything posted (comments, FB posts, emails, letters, etc).

A comment I received on Tad's last blog sort of...inspired me to explain a couple, or a lot, of things to you guys. Since Tad's incident this morning, I've gotten all sorts of opinions...and most of them were positive, some were constructive criticism, and some...to me...I don't know that the person has read anything about Tad. :/

However, for what it's worth...these are Tad's rules...before today. I've been accused of being 'too mean' and also 'too nice'...so if you must judge, I'd at least like you to know some simple facts.

~ When I walk Tad around our loop, he is required to walk at my side on a leash. Not in front of, and not behind. If he pulls, we stop, and he is told to sit, which he does. Then, we continue. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts.

~ Before leaving the house through any door, Tad is told to sit and stay until the door is open. He then gets an 'okay' and he can go out. He does this with perfect obedience.

~ Before he gets his dinner, he must sit and wait to eat it until I say 'okay'. He has the sitting down pat, but we are working on the 'okay'. So, he does this with nearly perfect obedience.

~ Before he is allowed to jump out of my Tahoe, he is told to stay until I have his leash. He does so with perfect obedience.

~ Before putting ANY leash on him, he is told to sit and stay. He does this with perfect obedience.

~ At the clinic, he is told to go to the 'back' (which means the other side of the puppy gate). He does this with nearly perfect obedience.

~ He can sit, lay down, high five, and stay on command. He is 95% accurate, if I were to have to guess.

~ When Tad is being unruly, he is required to sit. Sometimes this means, bending his back knees to get him into a sitting position. He is then held in place by his shoulders/chest, NOT his collar, until he calms down. Then, he is told 'okay', and he's free to go.

~ When outside, he does not require a leash. He comes when he's called, and he stays within a leashes distance from me. He does this with nearly perfect obedience.

That being said, before you judge that I am too soft, I want you to understand that my dogs ALL have rules. Tad is no exception. Tad does NOT walk all over me, and he knows and understands that what I say is what is to be done...EXCEPT when he goes into protective mode and his focus goes to protecting, and nothing else.

Yes, I do need training...but so does he. We will do training together, but I can promise you...he is not the sweet angel puppy that most everyone believes. He came with a fair share of behavioral problems, but don't for one second think I allow him to walk all over me. I can promise you, that is not allowed.

In most situations, the owner AND dog require training, and I'm not here to say that I'm a dog trainer or behaviorist...I'm here to say that before you pass your judgement, you should at least know some basic facts.

Now, let's get back to happy Tad times, and I will most certainly keep everyone updated on the trainer/behaviorist route. :)

The 'Incident'

I got out of my Tahoe this morning, and let the dogs out of the back doors. They generally run to the clinic door and wait for either me to catch up and open it, or sometimes Chrissy will open it for them.

I walked around to the other side of the Tahoe and grabbed my stuff, and then headed for the door. Just as I got to the door, my dad pulls up...to surprise me. He gets out of his truck and we're laughing and joking about him showing up randomly. We were completely at ease, no tension at all.

The three dogs ran up excited to see him, as did I. As we got closer, my dad tripped over the curb and sort of...fell at me. He caught himself, but I'm sure to Tad...it looked like he was lunging at me to attack me or something. I get that...I understand.

My hands were full of my stuff, but Tad would not stop. He got firm commands, nothing was working. My dad was standing there, a few feet from me, and Tad would not give in. Finally, Chrissy comes running out of the clinic. She was grabbing his collar, which makes it worse, so I told her to let go of his collar and take my stuff. I felt bad for screaming at her, but now I'm in a rotten mode because Tad is trying to kill someone. She took my stuff and I pulled Tad from his chest back. He then lunged forward and bit onto my dad's knee...leaving wet marks on his pants.

My dad said that Tad did not break the skin, but is my dad just being nice? This is an absolutely unacceptable behavior for my dogs. I don't mind protection, but you will not act on it unless you are told to. I'm sorry, but that's the way I am. I refuse to allow my dogs to be biters, fear or otherwise.

We eventually got everyone into the clinic, and pretty soon...my dad and Tad were sharing scrubbies. My dad is not a scary man, he's a total softy. He was not wearing glasses or a hat or have anything in his hands.

Tad will not be left at home, that's my personal decision and it won't change. I won't 'avoid' this situation, he will be trained out of it. I'm sorry if I sound b*tchy, but...that's my choice. I don't harp on anyone for thinking that's the best choice, I really don't...but, it's not the way I want to handle this.

I have tried and tried to get trainer's to work with Tad, no one is contacting me back. All of Tad's money has been put on his account for his medical bills...there is nothing left for his day to day stuff, including training. Dr. Holliday and I are trying to decide just which route to take, puppy class? He knows basic obedience. Behaviorist? I'm not entirely sure. A behaviorist is going to cost me a lot, and I'm trying to work out how to get that kind of money together for him. There's not a money limit on my dogs, but...there's a limit on how fast I can get it together.

I've been talking, for the past 6 months with different people who have trained in the past, who have worked with trainers and such, and Tad has come an EXTREMELY long way. However, this behavior is one that I can't seem to break.

I am pretty relaxed with my dogs, but, they do not walk all over me. I am not overly strict either. However, we had a 'meeting' today, regarding Tad. His rules just got a lot stricter...because of this incident, I now lack the trust I had for him. He has bitten someone, my dad or not, it doesn't matter...a bite is bite regardless of the severity. It is unacceptable, and I will not have it. He will no longer be allowed anywhere off leash; this includes the 9,000 times he goes out here at the clinic to pee. He is no longer allowed to play with your hands, which he loves. He will be ignored if he continues to play bite. He is not allowed up front NO MATTER WHAT.

If he bites a client, he will be confined to a kennel here at work all day long every day. I don't want that for him, but that is my last resort.

There have been quite a few calls into the clinic this morning already. Tad is not going to be euthanized...that's ridiculous. Tad was not beaten to a pulp because he bit someone. Tad is perfectly fine, and is likely oblivious to how badly this bothers me. Tad is just as normal as he always has been, but he's not going to like his new rules until we can find a trainer who actually responds to being contacted and some estimates on costs and such.


Tad's Bling

There's been some comments made about Tad's bling...so, I figured I'd share. Really, these are not ALL his tags...and honestly, they're not heavy at all. He only has one more tag than Walker and Chica.

Anyway, here goes:

The Cat Did It

Rabies Tag

Microchip Tag   
Name Tag with My Number
St. Francis Tag (THAT I LOVE)
Weird foam thing that came with the collar...?


Celebrity Sightings!

I love getting links and such from places where Tad's friends have spotted him! ...like this website, for instance. Tad is the first one!

...please remember the first picture I posted of Tad, there are many like it on this website of many different animals. Prepare yourselves if you're going to look. I know that many of you are VERY sensitive to such things.

Slightly Warped - Animal Transformations

If you spot Tad in various places, please send me the link or something. I love to look at how far and wide his influence has reached.


One on One

Since the moment I picked him up, Tad has never been alone. He has always had Walker and Chica. Today, however, I decided to take Tad out...without the other two. Sometimes it's hard to give all three of them the quality time they need, but I do what I can.

It started with giving Walker and Chica bully sticks. That went well, but Tad didn't understand why he didn't get one. I put the leash on him, and out we went...or tried, anyway. He didn't want to leave without Walker and Chica, it was obvious. Or, he wanted a chewie...I can't really say.

I get him into ol' Suzie Pup, my temporary daily driver until I can save some money to get Jemima repaired. I could tell that something wasn't right...something about him. It was almost as if...I don't know, he reverted back to the Tad I first met. I was kind of of confused by this sudden change in behavior, so I watched him. He seemed...not anxious, or scared...but more like...extremely sad. It's hard to describe...but, I firmly believe that people know their dogs. You 'know' when something's not right...and something definitely wasn't 'right' about Tad.

However, positive reinforcement for this behavior would be to feel sorry for him and take him back inside with the other...but, that wasn't going to happen. Tad needed some alone time, and darn it...he was going to get it.

We drove down Calvary, which...if you remember...is where our paths first crossed. He...didn't ride in the car the way he normally does. He curled into a little ball...he looked so sad. Was this familiar to him? Did he come from a house with other dogs? ...and did whoever left him took him on a ride by himself? ...and did that person pull over...open the door...and dump him? I'd give anything to know what Tad was thinking, but then...maybe I'm better off not knowing.

We first went to PetSmart...I needed a few things, and walked out with too many things. You know how that goes. But, of course...we went down the squeaky toy aisle. 
Every few steps, Tad would always turn to make sure I was still there with him. He is always a tad (no pun intended) quite and unsure of himself when we visit places other than what he's used to. 

Ah yes...and the birds. He loves birds. He'd chase them until he fell over from exhaustion...we stood in front of the aviary for gosh...10 minutes? ...developed a little huddle of people watching Tad watch the birds. They liked him, but I don't think he even knew they were there. 

I have been wanting to take Tad to the dog parks; if you remember, our first experience didn't go over well. However, with the temperatures in the triple digits and the severe drought...it was HOT and the place was pretty desolate. Either way, here's a few pictures I took of him on my phone while at the dog park. 

I spy an itty bitty super tiny Tadpole!

Agility dog in the making?

Itty bitty teeny tiny Tadders...running! 

It would appear that he had a splendid time!

Tadward got a new collar! Well, so did Walker and Chica, but this is HIS blog. ;)

Tad was excited when we got back home...almost relieved. Like, 'Hey...she brought me back...hey...this is pretty neat.'

It is amazing the difference in behavior when he does not have that 'pack mentality' and he's on his own. A truly well behaved dog...


Eventful Morning

I've debated on sharing this story or not, it is not our normal happy-funny Tad story. But so far...there's not much I haven't shared with you guys regarding Tad, so why start now?

This morning, I let Tad out the back door of the clinic to trot across the alley way to piddle in the grass on the otherside. Chica followed, did her business, and came inside. Tad, however, will pee for days and days. I noticed Ilene had spotted a bee outside and made a bee-line (no pun intended) for the bee. I quickly caught her (she's not allowed outside), and when I looked back up for Tad, he was running extremely fast. He spotted something, and he was going to get it.

I don't like my dogs to chase things, and Tad is no exception. So, I thought I'd be smart and take the shortcut through the clinic to get him on the otherside. I get to the front doors within seconds, and there's no Tad...but, I can hear him barking at something.

Juuuuuuust greeeeat... :/

I followed the barking and found Tad between Wal-Mart and the clinic (which is not that big of  distance, I always walk my dogs there). There was something on the grass in front of him, and he was barking and pawing and jumping around at it.

I ran over as fast as I could because I thought he'd found another bunny...only, it wasn't moving from what I could see. He wasn't acting aggressive...it was more of a, 'Please, get up and play with me...' sort of stance.

I realized that Tad's...find was a kitten. I panicked because my intial reaction was that Tad had just killed this kitten. I grabbed the baby as fast as I could and Tad and I both bolted back to the clinic. I won't give you any gory details, because it's not necessary...but, when I set the kitten on the treatment table...it's obvious this baby had been killed last night or early this morning. I assume early this morning based on a few...findings.

Dr. Holliday made sure to listen to the baby a long time to ensure that the kitten was in fact dead, and didn't need any help to...finish. We're kind of thinking that the kitten must've been hit by a car or something in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and the adrenaline of shock helped it get down the hill to us. Perhaps Tad saw a hawk or something else trying to carry it off and that's what he went for initially (he likes to chase birds)...the bird dropped the baby realizing Tad was on it's tail...? I'm not sure...I don't know, but there's no way Tad would have seen that kitten otherwise.

So, we packaged the baby and it will go off with our other cremations. The company we use is Live Oak, and they spread their ashes on their property which is a super nice place. So, while the baby had a hard life...it will at least have some respect and nice place to rest from now on...

I'm just sad that the boy didn't find the baby sooner...maybe we could have eventually adopted it out to someone? But, we'll eat ourselves alive with 'what if's' and 'maybe's'...so, we'll just let the baby rest in peace and know that we did what we could for it.


Nifty Trick for FB Fans

There's been some concerns raised that people who want to follow Tad and only Tad can't because of cross-posting. I don't want to 'ban' that; I feel like it's a way to help spread the word.

So, I thought I'd share this nifty trick for those who may not know. It's a way you can view ONLY posts by Tad on his wall. I think you have to click it each time you visit, but it's totally worth it if that's what you want. :)

I took a screencap of Tad's page...with a big arrow pointing at what you need to click to see only updates made by Tad and I on his wall. This will work on ANY fan page. :)

Hope this helps!

A Difficult Decision - Not Tad Related

I support rescue and rehabilitation 100%. The number of animals that have passed through me to forever homes or eternity in Heaven is TNTC*, as we say in veterinary medicine.

I have received TONS of messages about 'cross posting'...and many ask me to 'show this to Tad's friends', 'share this on Tad's wall', 'can you repost this', 'would you share this page'...in the beginning, I was even approached to 'make a page' for someone's dog because maybe they could get money, too. That is NOT why this was done...that is NOT what I want...I will NOT support that.

I posted a month or so, maybe more, about being cautious. There are a lot of scammers out there, and animal lovers are easy prey. It sucks, but it's true. I have been very particular about the stories I share, and they're usually people that I know more closely.

However, after a long talk with the doctor today...I've decided to no longer cross post for other animals. Before you get enraged, please let me explain...

I have a gut feeling that a story I shared at one point in time is...well, it hits me the wrong way. I just feel uncomfortable about it. I don't like it, and I don't like 'sharing' such a thing that sends a thousand people over to either donate their money, donate their support, break their hearts, cry their tears, and then it turns out to be...false. I just...I don't like that responsibility. I always advise people to be cautious, but I feel like if I 'recommend' a page, then some feel that it's a genuine page because I 'recommended' it...in some cases, that may be true. But, I just...I don't feel right when I don't 'know'.

Tad's page is available for other to cross-post and such, but personally, I don't want to do it. I am too worried about setting up those who have done so much for Tad and me for disaster.

I hope that you understand my decision. I just don't 'know' who is behind that Facebook profile, and I don't feel comfortable referring you all all over the place.

I want Tad's page to be about Tad...to give hope, inspiration, to bring light to this cruel world full of so many who need to see there is a chance...

Thank you for your understanding...

*TNTC = Too Numerous Too Count