Meet Abus - The Padlocked Pittie

Abus as the feeder found him on the left, and on the right is him in the backseat of the truck I picked him up in.

I got a message from my friend, Robyn, telling me that there's a dog within a few minutes from me that needs rescuing...asap. She explained that he's padlocked to a tree and that someone has been feeding him, but the feeder said Animal Control/Sherriff's Office won't do anything for the dog...even after the owner's moved out of the house and left the dog padlocked to the tree.

We had nasty, nasty weather all day yesterday, and I was told that he was currently standing in water.

So, by 10pm I was out the door and headed for the dog. I had hoped with all my hopings that he had a collar on that I could take off because I have no way of cutting through a padlock or heavy chain.

I arrive and sure enough, he's standing in water...no shelter, no food, no water, nothing. He's definitely skinny, and thanks to the lady that has been stopping by to feed him...he's not too bad off. He smells dead, but I'm certainly sure he's not had any attention or care other than the kind woman who has been stopping by to feed him.

His chain was massive...like, I'm surprised he doesn't have neck muscles of steel lugging that thing around, poor fella. His collar was crazy tight, but I was thankful enough that he was wearing one that attached to the padlock to the big chain. The minute he was freed from the chain, he took off for the truck and jumped right in. He LOVES car rides and is a perfect car rider.

So far, he hasn't met a dog he doesn't like and he hasn't met a person he doesn't like. He needs some socialization as far as cats go, but that's to be expected. He's likely been on the massive chain his whole life.

He's here at the clinic with me now, and this evening once we close, he's headed to West U Vet to be neutered/vaccinated/tested as Busters Friends' Rescue has agreed to sponsor him.

His name is Abus, and he's amazing. He so darned sweet and licky and lovey and the best part...? He smiles!

If you would like, Buster's Friends are accepting donations to help with his medical treatment (neuter/vaccines/testing). Please visit this link, and note 'white chained dog'.

Pibble attack! Abus this morning when we tried to get a picture together. :/