About Us

My name is Tiffany, and I am a state certified veterinary technician (Texas). I've rescued animals as long as I can remember, and have had animals longer than that. I should've been a vet, but that's more responsibility than I'd like to have. I've got my own zoo of animals, now including Tad. 

Tad's path crossed with mine on March 26, 2011. He was basically hairless, bloodied, and severely starved. He was infested with internal parasites, and two different types of mange, which is very, very rare. He also had deep wounds on his front legs and neck, which required four weeks of antibiotics to help deal with the massive infection. It took even longer to overcome the severe ear infections. Tad is the true definition of a fighter, one who never gives up.

Tad's story is emotional, heartbreaking, and truly inspirational. If you have the time, and enough Kleenex, I encourage you to start from the very beginning of this blog, and read it through. You'll find videos, pictures, and various other things to absolutely tear your heart out and mend it back together for you.