Mange Update

You may recall that Tad's Demodex Mange has returned. Slowly and surely, he's getting more and more bald spots. We've started him on Mitaban baths for treatment. He had his first one on Tuesday.

The Amitraz in the Mitaban made him extremely sleepy and mellow for about two days, and that has finally worn off. Last night he started to act like himself again.

However, you may also recall (if you follow him on Facebook) that he developed a strange rash in various places, likely caused by the reaction to the dying mites. I bought him so aloe spray to help soothe those areas, which did wonders for him.

While the rash has been gone for a bit now, Tad is still very itchy. We're not sure if this is still reaction to the dying mites, reaction to the pre-dip shampoo, or the Mitaban itself.

Poor fella...I can only hope that starting the treatment as early as we did, that he won't lose too much hair...but, demodex always gets worse before it gets better.


  1. Poor thing, he's been through so much. It's time for him to be at peace and have a life. Prayers are being sent your way Tad. We are all hopinh you get better asap. <3

  2. Hope he gets rid of that nasty mange soon! Heal quickly Taddy boy...but it's ok if you lose your hair again...your friends and fans adore and love you anyway!

  3. Poor Tadders. I hurt for him. He's dealt with way more than any animal should have to deal with already. Enough's enough. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him. You are a blessing to him...and to all of us whom you've touched through him.

  4. Isnt Ivermectin better for mange?? Faster and more reliable?