I think I need to make a few things clear. Well, maybe not 'need'...some of you will say that I don't 'need' to do anything. But, I do...I try my very best to keep everyone informed as far as Tad goes regardless of the backlashing that I sometimes get. This is a public place, more or less, and I'm a fairly understanding and reasonable person. So, I accept everyone's opinions of this entire situation. I also try very, very hard to read everything posted (comments, FB posts, emails, letters, etc).

A comment I received on Tad's last blog sort of...inspired me to explain a couple, or a lot, of things to you guys. Since Tad's incident this morning, I've gotten all sorts of opinions...and most of them were positive, some were constructive criticism, and some...to me...I don't know that the person has read anything about Tad. :/

However, for what it's worth...these are Tad's rules...before today. I've been accused of being 'too mean' and also 'too nice'...so if you must judge, I'd at least like you to know some simple facts.

~ When I walk Tad around our loop, he is required to walk at my side on a leash. Not in front of, and not behind. If he pulls, we stop, and he is told to sit, which he does. Then, we continue. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts.

~ Before leaving the house through any door, Tad is told to sit and stay until the door is open. He then gets an 'okay' and he can go out. He does this with perfect obedience.

~ Before he gets his dinner, he must sit and wait to eat it until I say 'okay'. He has the sitting down pat, but we are working on the 'okay'. So, he does this with nearly perfect obedience.

~ Before he is allowed to jump out of my Tahoe, he is told to stay until I have his leash. He does so with perfect obedience.

~ Before putting ANY leash on him, he is told to sit and stay. He does this with perfect obedience.

~ At the clinic, he is told to go to the 'back' (which means the other side of the puppy gate). He does this with nearly perfect obedience.

~ He can sit, lay down, high five, and stay on command. He is 95% accurate, if I were to have to guess.

~ When Tad is being unruly, he is required to sit. Sometimes this means, bending his back knees to get him into a sitting position. He is then held in place by his shoulders/chest, NOT his collar, until he calms down. Then, he is told 'okay', and he's free to go.

~ When outside, he does not require a leash. He comes when he's called, and he stays within a leashes distance from me. He does this with nearly perfect obedience.

That being said, before you judge that I am too soft, I want you to understand that my dogs ALL have rules. Tad is no exception. Tad does NOT walk all over me, and he knows and understands that what I say is what is to be done...EXCEPT when he goes into protective mode and his focus goes to protecting, and nothing else.

Yes, I do need training...but so does he. We will do training together, but I can promise you...he is not the sweet angel puppy that most everyone believes. He came with a fair share of behavioral problems, but don't for one second think I allow him to walk all over me. I can promise you, that is not allowed.

In most situations, the owner AND dog require training, and I'm not here to say that I'm a dog trainer or behaviorist...I'm here to say that before you pass your judgement, you should at least know some basic facts.

Now, let's get back to happy Tad times, and I will most certainly keep everyone updated on the trainer/behaviorist route. :)


  1. Keep doing what you're doing Tiffany. You will come through for Tad and he will do his best to please you.

  2. Wow. I'm sorry you are having to explain yourself so much. You don't have to explain anything. You have done wonderfully with Tad. He is so lucky to have you. BTW - love the collage!

  3. It is a miracle that a pup with his background is able to trust anyone! Not to mention how far he has come physically, mentally, and emotionally. Dogs are complex creatures. We teach 'train' them but they actually do the same for us. Thank goodness for the unconditional love they provide...even if they have their 'off' moments. I am sure his bite was an isolated incident. You are his savior and who knows what his perspective is. Some dog's bark is worse than his bite....well, Tad just showed that the opposite is true of him. Not uncommon for a creature that was neglected/abused/left for dead. He is a good boy and he is YOUR boy.

  4. Sounds like you are working with Tad and in a short amount of time, Tad knows what the rules are. Keep finding a way or a solution to work with Tad's recent incident. Bless your BIG heart for finding Tad and gettng him well again and adopting Tad. From your blogs and FB posts, Tad has shown a remarkable recovery health wise!

  5. I bet you're doing just fine with him. You've brought him along ways from where he was. I know from going to beginner and intermediate training class with my dobie that it was mostly me that needed the training lol. Our dogs just want to please us and once they know what we expect then its easy for them most of the time! Hang in there, you're doing pawsome!!!!

  6. Hi Tiff, its clear Tad's recent behavior is affecting you greatly, I previously had really terrible aggression problems with my 2 german shepherds and found a trainer (I live in miami) that is the best of the best, many others had come and failed but he truly succeeded. I'm not saying Tad is very aggressive but maybe the tips on his website can help you with correcting the incident that happened with Tad. After reading this post about Tad's rules, I think that this trainer's methods and way of thinking will go hand in hand with what you've already been doing to train Tad. Best of luck with everything! here is the link to the trainer's www.theharvardofdogtraining.com

  7. I am a regular at Tad's page and enjoy everyone of my visits. I am kind of lost here. I am sorry you feel judged the wrong way. I have never even once doubted you have Tad's best interest in everything you do for him. I have always felt that way. I only feel admiration for all you have done for Tad and for your vocation of caring for those babies at the clinic. Yes, that is a vocation because it is easy for anyone to have a pet, but to work with ailing and sick babies is not an easy job. So just be proud of yourself and keep those stories coming. I am grateful for all you do!! We all love your other babies as well. Lots of kisses to Tad please, from this his friend Mayra from sunny Puerto Rico!!

  8. Hi Tiff, I hope you can find someone to work with you and Tad. You've done so much for him and he has come a long way but you both just need a little extra help. I'm guessing something during the incident sent him over the edge and the heightened emotions/collar grabbing escalated him into aggressive mode. I'm not a trainer or behaviorist so I won't presume to give advice and I applaud your decision to tighten the rules for now. For what it's worth, I think you've done all the right things for Tad and with his past he must have a whole luggage set of baggage that you must deal with. Stay positive and keep searching for the right trainer/behaviorist. There has to be one out there for your both. I believe in you and in Tad. No-one is perfect but it sounds like you're on the right path. I wish you luck and will always be a fan : )