A Difficult Decision - Not Tad Related

I support rescue and rehabilitation 100%. The number of animals that have passed through me to forever homes or eternity in Heaven is TNTC*, as we say in veterinary medicine.

I have received TONS of messages about 'cross posting'...and many ask me to 'show this to Tad's friends', 'share this on Tad's wall', 'can you repost this', 'would you share this page'...in the beginning, I was even approached to 'make a page' for someone's dog because maybe they could get money, too. That is NOT why this was done...that is NOT what I want...I will NOT support that.

I posted a month or so, maybe more, about being cautious. There are a lot of scammers out there, and animal lovers are easy prey. It sucks, but it's true. I have been very particular about the stories I share, and they're usually people that I know more closely.

However, after a long talk with the doctor today...I've decided to no longer cross post for other animals. Before you get enraged, please let me explain...

I have a gut feeling that a story I shared at one point in time is...well, it hits me the wrong way. I just feel uncomfortable about it. I don't like it, and I don't like 'sharing' such a thing that sends a thousand people over to either donate their money, donate their support, break their hearts, cry their tears, and then it turns out to be...false. I just...I don't like that responsibility. I always advise people to be cautious, but I feel like if I 'recommend' a page, then some feel that it's a genuine page because I 'recommended' it...in some cases, that may be true. But, I just...I don't feel right when I don't 'know'.

Tad's page is available for other to cross-post and such, but personally, I don't want to do it. I am too worried about setting up those who have done so much for Tad and me for disaster.

I hope that you understand my decision. I just don't 'know' who is behind that Facebook profile, and I don't feel comfortable referring you all all over the place.

I want Tad's page to be about Tad...to give hope, inspiration, to bring light to this cruel world full of so many who need to see there is a chance...

Thank you for your understanding...

*TNTC = Too Numerous Too Count


  1. I totally agree with and support your decision. I recently got burned by a couple of rescues. Sadly in this bad economic time, people have discovered how easy it is to set up a Facebook or other web page, copy a horribly sad picture of a dog or cat and then beg for money for it. ALWAYS check it out! I admire everything you've done so far with Tad and everything else. You've always taken the high road.

  2. Good for you. We all know that you and TAD are the 'real deal,' but it's not always the case. I support you 100% in your decision.

  3. I understand why people want to cross post, but, personally I don't like going to a certain page (like Tad's) and instead seeing tons of cross postings about other dogs, and having to scroll through tons of them to find Tad's latest update. Plus, sometimes I just want some good news, something to smile about (Tad's latest exploit). Then I see all of those other "about to be euthanized" postings and it depresses me. If I go to Tad's page, I want to read about Tad! Maybe there should be a general FB page just for people to post those other dogs that need rescuing? Then people can go there if that is what they are looking for.

  4. well said and I don't blame you at all...

  5. Tiffany, you decision is not one that you decided on lightly. You are a brilliant woman and have the heart and patience of a saint. Your decision is one that should be respected by all, as it is YOUR decision and you entitled to it.

  6. Completely understand, and I think it is the right thing to do. I respect that you took time to think about TAD's followers. It shows you have a caring heart for all creatures...human and non :) I look forward to continuing to follow TAD and you on your journey.

  7. I so agree with your decision. Frankly, I wish you would turn down ALL cross-posting on Tad's page. Like someone already said, I visit Tad's page to read about TAD - not all the poor babies I already see on numerous other sites. Enough is enough, ya know? As someone who has donated literally hundreds of $$$ in the past few months, I don't feel guilty saying it. Patrick's page is almost ALL cross-posting, so I hardly even go there anymore.

  8. No need to explain. Even if your concern were unwarranted (and it certainly is not) this is your (Tad's) page and you can do whatever you want. I am skeptical of many of the postings I get and now only follow pages that carefully screen so I wont be pulled in by scammers. Personally, I appreciate your decision and will enjoy Tad's page even more!

  9. I totally understand and agree, I feel or felt the same way about Patrick's page. BUT as someone who is trying peronanally
    to save a dog right now, I certainly know first hand why people do. We are all here for the dogs. Love ya Tad and Tiffany! Alicia and Fausto