Letter From Tad

Sometimes I find myself wondering, as big as Tad has become, if his original owners have seen him lately.

Tad is not the type of dog to 'run away' or 'escape a fence'. I'd like to think that if that were the case, I'd have seen something signaling that in the last 6ish months.

That being said, Tad's condition didn't happen over night...he was on his own for some time, and he must've suffered for some time.

I often wonder if they are a 'fan' of Tad on Facebook (www.facebook.com/theabandoneddog). Do they 'like' his pictures? Do they comment on my status updates? Not to make us all paranoid, but these are just the things that cross my mind...

It crosses my mind so often that I imagined what it would be like for Tad to write them a letter...what might he say? Would he be angry? I don't think so...in a weird way, I think he might be grateful. He would not be who he is today without being dumped, you know.

Please, get your tissues, paper towels, corks, and whatever else you need to plug your tear ducts, because after this video...you'll need them. Also, please share this video far and wide. May it inspire someone else who passes by a 'Tad'...and may they remember to 'be the change they wish to see in the world'


  1. There's not even a single day when I don't see my Tad's pictures...I call him 'My Tadu' :)
    I can't tell you how much I love him...but I can tell you that one day I'll meet Tad...play with him, will give him treats of his choice, give him infinite hugs and will sing him a lullaby when he'll sleep in his 'Famous Silly Position' :)
    I live very far from where he lives...but he has a very special home in my heart...I meet him there everyday...and I'll keep on loving him as long as I live........Your Mama Loves You More Than Anything...May You Live A Long Long Happy & Healthy Life :)

  2. Wow....beautiful, as are you Tiff.

  3. I found your blog on pinterest and want you to know what an INCREDIBLE person you are! Thank you for stopping and saving Tad's life. I can't help but think that in some way he didn't save us in some way, as well! I am forever touch by you and his story!

    1. Touching story.. I admire those people like you who value the life of pets

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  4. What a beautiful video!! I am a fan of Tad ( and you) and I share your blog with friends on Facebook. This is a marvellous story to tell and almost a fairy tale of a dog that almost died and nobody cared for and now he lives with you!! And he is world famous and is a turtle-hunter accompanied by rock music!! I love Tad!! Tad for president!!

  5. OK Young Tiff (yep, still 6 mths behind on you and Tad's life)... you HAVE the ability to make a very short video that could get anyone's attention who just saw it on Vimeo.... AGAIN, may we suggest you make that short INDIE film and bring Tad's story to life in Big Screen and reap the benefits to Tad, the Vet Clinic you work in and MEGA dog/animal shelters in Texas. As that film said "build a park...... and they will come". Build now Tiff, and they will come, and you can share the wealth . G'day again from Australia.