Celebrity Sightings!

I love getting links and such from places where Tad's friends have spotted him! ...like this website, for instance. Tad is the first one!

...please remember the first picture I posted of Tad, there are many like it on this website of many different animals. Prepare yourselves if you're going to look. I know that many of you are VERY sensitive to such things.

Slightly Warped - Animal Transformations

If you spot Tad in various places, please send me the link or something. I love to look at how far and wide his influence has reached.


  1. I know there may be people sensitive to the 'before' photos, but personally, I LOVE to see the transformations!

  2. I make myself look, just so I can see that there is still good in the world and there are good, caring people that love animals just as much as I do. As far as I'm concerned, the pics can't be any worse than Tad's before!

  3. OMG! It is absolutely amazing at how those dogs have transformed. You and all those other owners are angels!