Eventful Morning

I've debated on sharing this story or not, it is not our normal happy-funny Tad story. But so far...there's not much I haven't shared with you guys regarding Tad, so why start now?

This morning, I let Tad out the back door of the clinic to trot across the alley way to piddle in the grass on the otherside. Chica followed, did her business, and came inside. Tad, however, will pee for days and days. I noticed Ilene had spotted a bee outside and made a bee-line (no pun intended) for the bee. I quickly caught her (she's not allowed outside), and when I looked back up for Tad, he was running extremely fast. He spotted something, and he was going to get it.

I don't like my dogs to chase things, and Tad is no exception. So, I thought I'd be smart and take the shortcut through the clinic to get him on the otherside. I get to the front doors within seconds, and there's no Tad...but, I can hear him barking at something.

Juuuuuuust greeeeat... :/

I followed the barking and found Tad between Wal-Mart and the clinic (which is not that big of  distance, I always walk my dogs there). There was something on the grass in front of him, and he was barking and pawing and jumping around at it.

I ran over as fast as I could because I thought he'd found another bunny...only, it wasn't moving from what I could see. He wasn't acting aggressive...it was more of a, 'Please, get up and play with me...' sort of stance.

I realized that Tad's...find was a kitten. I panicked because my intial reaction was that Tad had just killed this kitten. I grabbed the baby as fast as I could and Tad and I both bolted back to the clinic. I won't give you any gory details, because it's not necessary...but, when I set the kitten on the treatment table...it's obvious this baby had been killed last night or early this morning. I assume early this morning based on a few...findings.

Dr. Holliday made sure to listen to the baby a long time to ensure that the kitten was in fact dead, and didn't need any help to...finish. We're kind of thinking that the kitten must've been hit by a car or something in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and the adrenaline of shock helped it get down the hill to us. Perhaps Tad saw a hawk or something else trying to carry it off and that's what he went for initially (he likes to chase birds)...the bird dropped the baby realizing Tad was on it's tail...? I'm not sure...I don't know, but there's no way Tad would have seen that kitten otherwise.

So, we packaged the baby and it will go off with our other cremations. The company we use is Live Oak, and they spread their ashes on their property which is a super nice place. So, while the baby had a hard life...it will at least have some respect and nice place to rest from now on...

I'm just sad that the boy didn't find the baby sooner...maybe we could have eventually adopted it out to someone? But, we'll eat ourselves alive with 'what if's' and 'maybe's'...so, we'll just let the baby rest in peace and know that we did what we could for it.


  1. It sounds like there was nothing you could do but what you did. I always look for the positive so to me Tad couldnt save the baby but he could make sure that the people who love and take care of him could help this poor sweet animal. You letting Tad out when you did and whatever message Tad picked up are all part of the circle of love and life and death. RIP sweetkitty, you are thought of with love and gentleness.

  2. You can't save them all.

    Hey it sounds like Tad might make a good rescue dog. He's got sharp eyes, a soft mouth, a deep bark and a good sense of smell. He's got the instincts of a hound and the disposition of a lab (good combination!). He didn't find this kitten in time, but I bet he could find others.

    Just a thought

  3. Wonderfully said, mbd2no, I couldn't agree more.

  4. Your blog post is timely, Tiffany, because I've been thinking a lot about the people who don't want to see the cross postings about dogs that need adoption or are injured.

    It's been hard for me too. I want to look away. I want every kitty to be saved and every dog to be loved. But the world isn't that way.

    To look away denies the life of that animal. It's saying, "You don't exist." Those that try and save a little kitten are the ones that grab it and run and never think twice. They are the people who make a difference.

    I make myself look at the pictures of dogs whose lives are full of pain. I celebrate those who are saved and try to honor those who are not.

    You could have glanced at the kitten and pulled Tad away and never given a second thought, God knows I've done it often enough, but that's not what you do.

    It will never be what I do again. I simply will not deny the suffering of animals by refusing to look again. I may not be able to help most of them, I too am skeptical about many of the pleas for money but I'd rather get fooled a time or two than not help where I am able.

    I wish every kitten could be saved. I wish there wasn't human and animal suffering out there. That's not how it is. They can't all be saved but they can be recognized and honored. That's about all we can do.

    And yes, we can adopt rescues! My girl Twister, who is the sweetest of dogs is a rescue.

    Just my thoughts on this post....

  5. Someone helped Tad and it was his turn to pay it forward.

  6. I honestly feel kind of sorry for the raptor that lost her meal. Maybe she's feeding chicks?

    Circle of life is sad sometimes.

  7. Even YOU can't save them all, Tiffany. I love you for trying, though! I had to kind of chuckle at the post that says that Tad has a "soft mouth". They must not have seen the pictures of your legs! ;o)

  8. My heart is sinking thinking of you feeling so thorned by the poor soul. Tad's an angel too in a way I guess, giving kittie the opportunity of a final peaceful rest.
    Hugs your way :) V