One on One

Since the moment I picked him up, Tad has never been alone. He has always had Walker and Chica. Today, however, I decided to take Tad out...without the other two. Sometimes it's hard to give all three of them the quality time they need, but I do what I can.

It started with giving Walker and Chica bully sticks. That went well, but Tad didn't understand why he didn't get one. I put the leash on him, and out we went...or tried, anyway. He didn't want to leave without Walker and Chica, it was obvious. Or, he wanted a chewie...I can't really say.

I get him into ol' Suzie Pup, my temporary daily driver until I can save some money to get Jemima repaired. I could tell that something wasn't right...something about him. It was almost as if...I don't know, he reverted back to the Tad I first met. I was kind of of confused by this sudden change in behavior, so I watched him. He seemed...not anxious, or scared...but more like...extremely sad. It's hard to describe...but, I firmly believe that people know their dogs. You 'know' when something's not right...and something definitely wasn't 'right' about Tad.

However, positive reinforcement for this behavior would be to feel sorry for him and take him back inside with the other...but, that wasn't going to happen. Tad needed some alone time, and darn it...he was going to get it.

We drove down Calvary, which...if you remember...is where our paths first crossed. He...didn't ride in the car the way he normally does. He curled into a little ball...he looked so sad. Was this familiar to him? Did he come from a house with other dogs? ...and did whoever left him took him on a ride by himself? ...and did that person pull over...open the door...and dump him? I'd give anything to know what Tad was thinking, but then...maybe I'm better off not knowing.

We first went to PetSmart...I needed a few things, and walked out with too many things. You know how that goes. But, of course...we went down the squeaky toy aisle. 
Every few steps, Tad would always turn to make sure I was still there with him. He is always a tad (no pun intended) quite and unsure of himself when we visit places other than what he's used to. 

Ah yes...and the birds. He loves birds. He'd chase them until he fell over from exhaustion...we stood in front of the aviary for gosh...10 minutes? ...developed a little huddle of people watching Tad watch the birds. They liked him, but I don't think he even knew they were there. 

I have been wanting to take Tad to the dog parks; if you remember, our first experience didn't go over well. However, with the temperatures in the triple digits and the severe drought...it was HOT and the place was pretty desolate. Either way, here's a few pictures I took of him on my phone while at the dog park. 

I spy an itty bitty super tiny Tadpole!

Agility dog in the making?

Itty bitty teeny tiny Tadders...running! 

It would appear that he had a splendid time!

Tadward got a new collar! Well, so did Walker and Chica, but this is HIS blog. ;)

Tad was excited when we got back home...almost relieved. Like, 'Hey...she brought me back...hey...this is pretty neat.'

It is amazing the difference in behavior when he does not have that 'pack mentality' and he's on his own. A truly well behaved dog...


  1. God Bless You for taking such wonderful care of Tad....one less pooch to worry about in this world....thank you, thank you so much Cindy

    1. Dear fa4a6....crikey who can type all of that. Yep, God bless Young Tiff for taking care of Tad. BUT... it is NOT one less to worry about. Sorry, Tiff has taught the whole world now, it is time to WORRY ABOUT ALL the pooches/doggies.... lost and abandoned animals and people in the world. Keep it up Young Tiffany <3

  2. Happy day. congrats TAD. you da man. So proud of you, ya lucky guy.

  3. I enjoyed this very much-what a way to end the night.Beautifully done, + well written. TAD is one beautiful + lucky dog to have you. Nothing wrong with you U2 + your alone time together....<3

  4. Poor baby! He looks so deflated in that first picture. I wish there was some way you could tell him that he will never, ever, ever be abandoned again. That no matter what, come Hell or High water, you will ALWAYS come back for him and that he will NEVER be alone in the world again.

  5. I like you very much, Tiffany & Tad. You touch that very core of mine where compassion & deep love for animals wants to grow. I learn from you, oh yes I do. Merci :) !

  6. wow! i wonder what his past life was. i can't even imagine. i wonder how long he'd been out there, on his own. i wonder if he'd ever had a family or if he was just a farm dog that no one cared about anyway. i can see him being nervous. poor, stressed out Tad :( he seems to be very "deep" in these pictures... always pensive or reflective. certainly he knows what he's got. glad he got some alone time with you :) oh Tadders, you big love bug. MWAH!

  7. What a great day! My favorites are "Itty bitty teeny tiny Tadders" and "I spy an itty bitty super tiny Tadpole!" You're amazing Tad and Tiff!

  8. Every time I look at his face he reminds me so much of my own dogs. It's such a sad thing that someone would do that to him, but you have turned his life upside down in the best possible way! Right-side up then? That sounds much more positive. :)

    Have you ever figured out what breed he is? He has quite a few features in common with my two German Shorthaired Pointers, but at the same time not quite. Perhaps there is some in there mixed with another breed? If he is part GSP that would definitely explain the overabundance of energy, the 'separation anxiety' and the 'OMG DOOR!' behaviour. The breed is well known for it.

    They also LOVE birds!

  9. Wonder if he thought that everything was going to change? Hmmm...hard to say and best to not try to humanize it, but gotta' say, that one photo of him looking at you...the light isn't there like it usually is. Next time maybe he'll be better about being separated from the pack.

  10. So sad in the beginning - poor baby Tad thought it was the end of his amazing new life. Instead, you showed him once again that life with you is great - he is safe and loved!
    LOVE the new layout!