Meeting the Trainer

Tad met Michael, his trainer/behaviorst, for the first time today at The Fundamental Dog facility. It was very slow and relaxed, and I think that was good...Tad eventually fell asleep in class. :/

I'm excited to start working with Tad on our first assignment; associating the door chime/bell with good things. As it stands right now, Tad associates those chimes with strangers, and to Tad, strangers are bad. Everyone at the clinic will have to keep treats in their pockets, and whoever (non-employee) comes to the treatment area...will have to bring yummy treats/cheese-whiz.

...and, of course, we'll have to avoid Tad having a situation as best we can. Though, after leaving training...we went directly to a gas station, and a man walked by the Tahoe and Tad had a conniption...but, he was redirected towards the growing pile of cheese-whiz on the seat...and stopped barking...and would just watch the man instead.

Michael is making the trip (I assume it's nearly 2 hours from his house) to the clinic next Friday to get a feel for Tad's environment and how he reacts in that environment. With any luck, Tad will remember Uncle Michael and all the yummy treats he has!

A few of you have donated to Tad's training, and that is immensely helpful. I can't thank you enough. I have enough (not including what is sitting on his account at work for medical issues) for almost two more sessions with Michael. He and Marie (The Fundamental Dog trainer) also advised me to purchase a Manners Minder; it's basically a remote controlled treat dispenser. This will definitely come in handy for when no one is in the treatment area with Tad and the door chimes. Whoever is holding the remote can push the button, and at treat is dispensed. This will also help Tad realize that he does not just get treats when there's a person standing there. I think it's a great idea.

You guys know how I am about money, but I know how you all are as well. You won't let me NOT let you help. Therefore, if you wish to donate to help purchase the Manners Minder and more sessions with Michael, please see the below information.

I can accept donations through PayPal (which are then moved to a Savings Account where Tad's non-medical money sits) - please use my email : tiffanydieringer@yahoo.com

You may also mail a check (made out to me - Tiffany Dieringer) to the clinic:
17099 Walden Road Ste. 180
Montgomery, Texas 77356

You guys have been such an amazing help, and have done wonders for what I'm able to do for Tad. I can't thank you enough...seriously, and you guys probably roll your eyes because you think I've done way more...but, trust me...Tad would not have come so far so quickly without all of you. I seriously, seriously appreciate every single one of you.


  1. Looking forward to learning what you learn. Perhaps my dog, Schatzi aka Cujo, might benefit from the doorbell thing. I think I might have to look up Uncle Michael when I am there in the winter..... Helen

  2. You know you can always count on my small donations, but lots a small can make a huge help for Tad's session with Michael!! Just made my donation through PayPal. Hope it helps. Love my Tadster!!