Regarding Donations

I am not one to ask for money; if you've been on Tad's page for any length of time...you have probably already realized that. So, don't think I am 'asking' or 'begging' here.

Many of Tad's friends have asked me how to donate money to help cover a behaviorist/trainer for him. Tad has quite a credit on his account at the clinic, so his medical expenses are STILL covered. I want to make this clear; if you're choosing to donate right now...you are helping me to get the very best positive reinforcement trainer or behaviorist (depending on mine and Tad's needs) for him.

I would like to accept most donations through PayPal, which is accredited or verified. I'm not sure the word they use. Please send your donation, if you wish, to: tiffanydieringer@yahoo.com

If you want to send a check or money order, please address them to my name : Tiffany Dieringer and mail them to the hospital.

C/o Tiffany Dieringer
Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital
17099 Walden Road Ste. 180
Montgomery, Texas 77356

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  1. JFYI Tiff, Paypal is not subject to federal banking laws so please don't make the mistake of treating your paypal account like a separate bank account because if Paypal (for whatever reason) decides to shut down your account you will lose any money that is inside of it. It has happened before and people have lost money (sometimes a lot of money) as a result.