Tad's Bling

There's been some comments made about Tad's bling...so, I figured I'd share. Really, these are not ALL his tags...and honestly, they're not heavy at all. He only has one more tag than Walker and Chica.

Anyway, here goes:

The Cat Did It

Rabies Tag

Microchip Tag   
Name Tag with My Number
St. Francis Tag (THAT I LOVE)
Weird foam thing that came with the collar...?


  1. My Talon wears four tags ,#1 His name tag w/My number ,#2 his Micro chip tag , #3his IMPS tag and #4 His rabies tag .

  2. he doesn't seem to have any more tags than most dogs, hes just more special!

  3. It makes me really happy that you LOVE Tad's St. Francis tag. To be honest, I almost didn't send it since it was...well...religious. But I figured if you didn't like it I would be offending a stranger that I'd never have to see if I didn't want to. LOL

  4. the Tad'N'tag ID kit :p
    since this message i will 2 St-Francis tags for my furluv. Thanks for sharing!
    over here, Mlle Pinotte wears the flower tag (the phone no. with name) while Monsieur Niko has the one with the crown :)

  5. Great Tags.
    Thanks for sharing.