Worldwide Support *Updated Again*

You've probably heard me say this before...but, the support Tad (his temporary/maybe permanent name)and I are recieving since I posted his picture on Facebook Saturday evening is overwhelming.

He is known and loved worldwide.

Englad, Ireland, various areas of the UK, Scotland, all over the United States of America, all over Canada, the list goes on...

People everywhere are hearing his story, and he is touching their hearts...I never asked for any of this. I didn't ask for this kind of fame, but wow...it leaves me speechless. It restores my faith in humanity, and it shows me...and reminds me that the world is not full of cruel people like the evening news would make you believe. Yes, there are some...someone did this to this poor dog, and they will get their's in the end. But, just all this support...I truly, really truly, honestly cannot express how thankful I am for all of you who have donated, who have called just to check on him, who have sent emails, who have followed his blog, who have prayed, who have thanked me, who have cared, who have forwarded this blog to their friends, who shares his pictures on Facebook...you are amazing people. I wish that I had a way to thank you you all personally...to give you a big hug and happy tears...we're going to fix this boy together, and he's going to go on and do great, great things because of us.

Here are just a few links of places that Tad's been spotted or shared...please, if you know of any place not listed...I'd love to know about it and post it here for the world to see.





More links were sent to me! Thank you! I've also been told his story has made it to Twitter!



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