'Like' Me on Facebook

It was requested/suggested/ordered/implied, or whatever other word you could put in there, that I allow Tad to get on the computer and create himself a Facebook Fan Page.

Ask and you shall recieve. Within limits, of course.


  1. And he knows how to upload photos! Go TAD! :)

  2. Dear "Tiff,"
    I am *so* deeply moved by your & Tad's story... Tho' I consider myself a
    "professional" (writer), I simply haven't the *words* to express my feelings.
    The connection between humans & animals is indeed, profound. I don't think I'd have made it this far were it not for my dog/s. In fact, I can't remember being w/out one -- my 1st dog, "BeBe" found me when I was 2.
    Like many ppl (you?), I've a "need to be needed" & have found my greatest joy in "giving back." I've counselled drug addicts, worked w/ batt'd women, rape victims... even *severely* abused children but there's something about animals, dogs, in particular, that... well, I just can't handle the emotions. Not that I could *ever* turn away from a creature in need, but I'd be a 'basket-case.' IOW: I SO admire you, for the work you're doing/have done.
    I won't heap any add'l praise upon you -- you neither want or need it. The reason I'm writing is to provide a (gentle) correction to what you wrote above: "Ask & you shall receive. WITHIN LIMITS OF COURSE."
    Tiff, there ARE no limits... 'cept those we impose upon ourselves. IOW: We create our own reality.
    The reality YOU created (& I once did the same for my dog, unknowingly) was one where you *refused* the possibility of Tad dying & because your belief was *so* Powerful, the Universe (or "God," "Source" or ~ whatever
    you prefer) had no choice but to give what you asked.
    It is a Universal Principle & as such, it *has* no limits: "Ask & Ye Shall Receive"... ABUNDANTLY! (It's even Biblical.))
    PS: PLEASE consider making the story of "Tad, The Abandoned Dog" into an "independent short film documentary" & enter it in the "Sundance Film Festival" in that category. Piece the videos you have together (more, if you have'em), add a few voiceovers of you telling the story (of your meeting Tad[+])&, with very little add'l editing, you've a winner. (I can tell from what you've done here, you've the knack for 'Feeling' the emotional impact on the viewer/s of the vids' content.)
    Think of all the GOOD you could do with the money such a film would bring!
    Wishing you, Tad & the rest of your fur-family an abundance of 'Joy beyond measure!'
    --Lovin' hugs, a "woof" or two (& some CheezWhiz for Tad),
    Bonnie & Silver, "The Wonder Dog"