Steady Improvements

I have nothing but good news this update, and to top that off, I've two great videos of him today. I understand if you could not watch any of the other videos; these two videos will make you smile deep down...all the way to your soul.

He has gained two pounds since yesterday's weigh-in. His energy level was definitely higher today as well. He was more alert, did not sleep as much, etc. He and I took a long walk around lunch time. He really, really liked that. (See Video 1)

Because he'd gained two pounds, the boy deserved a treat. So, he got a chewie...he really, really liked that. Especially when I added Cheez-Whiz later. (See Video 2)

His legs were less swollen and red today. It was amazing the difference. His skin still bleeds easily, especially when I do hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is basically running water over the wounds and skin to promote healing/regrowth and blood flow.

If you watched Video 2, you'll see that at one point he got up from his bed...walked across his run, and ate his food and drank water. Wow. I was so proud of him, as was Dr. Holliday.

Many of you know Ilene, she even made an appearance, of course. She's a real ham. But, I give her respect...she wanted to congratulate Tad on his weight gain. Nice girl.

I washed all of Tad's things today as well. His bed and blanket. He sure was thankful to get them back to sleep on...and they were so clean and fresh! He really liked that.

I am getting more optimistic each and every day...he is improving so quickly, so nicely. I am soooo proud of him.

He is such a fighter. A real role model.


  1. Yay Tad! Our thoughts are with you Mr.Tad, we hope you continue to be a fighter so we can see the beautiful dog you are meant to be :)

  2. so pleased to see his progress

  3. He is really really coming around!!! Whoo-hoo!!! I hope Ellen D. sees this.

  4. Hi Tad, you look so much better!
    From Athens,Greece