On the Up and Up!

Quick update for this morning:

We've opened the door to his run in isolation, and put a puppy gate in the doorway of isolation, so he has a bit more space to move around.

He's having a fun time, wagging his tail TONS today. Some friends who heard about him on Facebook stopped by to see us and him and he really, really liked that. He's such a darn good boy.

He likes the extra space, walking around...getting in the trash can...you know, daily dog activities. He tried to leap over the puppy gate! ...good heaven's boy! Took him outside...he had to 'go'. ...poor guy was trying to get out to go potty!

...he's eaten 2.5 bowls of food today, as well as some Cheese-Whiz and a chewie.

His skin is looking awesome today. We started him on his Demodex treatment today, so hopefully he'll really start to improve.

A couple of people have stopped by today to meet him and one of them donated money while she was here. There truly are some super nice people out there; so many willing to help.


  1. I found you through Patrick the Miracle Dog and am so glad to see you're eating Tad! I wish you a speedy recovery, many blessings to your rescuers, and I sincerely hope that karma pays a visit to the people that did this to you.

  2. I wish you well in your recovery Tad, thank goodness the kind hearted Tiffany found you. Good luck in your continued recovery and I hope the couple of $s I sent help a bit. Blessings to you both.

  3. Thanks Tiff...shared on FB and donated via Paypal! You did an amazing thing by turning around and going back. I would do the same thing. You are a guardian angel!