I am not doing this blog because I want recognition or fame. I am not doing this blog because I want sympathy or your money. I am doing this blog because in as little as an hour, the abandoned dog had touched more lives than any other rescue/foster that I've ever taken on...

My name is Tiffany, and I'm a veterinary technician at Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital in Montgomery, Texas. I also own my own photography business, Minha Vida Photography. I would like to welcome you to this blog, the story of this boy's fight for life begins here.

Some dogs end up with the wrong people...and sometimes, those very same dogs end up in the right place at the right time. It was against my genetic build up, my moral code, to continue driving down Calvary Road and not turn around once I'd passed him. If he doesn't pull through this, he will at least know that someone cared enough to turn around after all the other cars drove right by...

I absolutely could not leave him...absolutely not...even if he doesn't make it over the hump, he will at least know that someone tried...even if they didn't succeed. He'll know that not all people are as horrible as the one's who left him. Of course, I want him to pull through and find a happy family to live with until he's an old, old man...but, if it's not meant to be...then I want him to at least know that he won't die alone anymore. No puppy deserves that.

I first noticed his wounds and lack of hair. Then, when I turned around and came back for him...I noticed how deathly thin he was. I live a bit out in the country...there weren't any nearby houses...I'm quite sure he was dumped...maybe not, but how else is he going to find himself way the heck out here. 

He is severely starved, very weak, and sunken in. He's covered in fleas and mange. He also has severe wounds on his neck and front legs. They've been infected for quite some time now. His nails don't appear to have ever been clipped, and his rear dew claws are turning in on themselves and growing into his pads. His legs are so weak, and his paws are so swollen, he limps around when he can actually move. He's cries out when you pet him, and his skin bleeds and oozes. 

He breaks my heart; and I have cried for him already. At the very LEAST, if he's too far gone, we'll respectfully put him to sleep on Monday. No one should have to suffer what he obviously has. But, I feel like there's hope for him, and I'm willing to give him a go... I'm really pushing for him...in a few months, I want to be able to post pictures of him as a beautiful boy! I want him to be happy, playing, beautiful fur, and a little on the chubby side. Impossible is impossible for me. Unsinkable ships sink, don't they? 

...it's really, really sad. I go out to check on him every so often, and each time I open that door...he cowers. Was he abused? I don't know, but he sure as heck as reason to be afraid of humans. I will gain his trust; and I will make sure he knows that not all humans are terrible beings.

He absolutely looks defeated. He is unsure of me right now, but he definitely is wanting to give me a chance. I feel like he wants to get through this, I think he finally sees hope...I don't know if that makes any sense. He's curled up right now, sleeping with a fully belly, in a warm blanket...he looks so dadgum peaceful and at ease it makes me want to cry...  

If you're willing to watch this video, I warn you that it shows very graphic images of his condition, wounds, and absolutely heart breaking photos. Grab a box of Kleenex, you're going to need them.

Donations for his medical treatment may be made in the form of a check to Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital. On the envelope, write 'The Abandoned Dog'. ALL donations will go to his medical care, no matter what. Receipts of your donations are available upon request.

Mail your donation to:

The Abandoned Dog
Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital
17099 Walden Road Ste. 180
Montgomery, Texas 77356


  1. Thank you so much for helping this pup. As a former vet tech myself...I have rescued such miserable, suffering dogs and they are a lot of work to get well again, even if its possible, but I know each and every one deserves that chance. I cant send $$ b/c I run PAWS in WV, and am always overwhelmed w/ requests. But I can send my best wishes for you both thru this ordeal. Thanks for all you do!


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring enough to help this suffering dog. Nothing, no child, no dog, no horse, nothing should ever have to suffer as this dog has.

    God bless you and the Abandoned Dog.

  4. this breaks my heart i have 4 dogs that i have taken in as strays and abused 2 werent strays but abused one to almost death. they all sleep with me one is on meds from abuse he has seizures but he is 10 i have had him since 5 mnths i too saved a dog that was hit by a car when everyone drove by i stopped and got him care he is alive &with his owners today.thank god for the ones that stop!!

  5. I found your blog because someone I know commented in on it, on Facebook. Thank you so much for caring enough to turn around and pick him up. I would have done the same thing. What a sweet boy, Godspeed my friends.

  6. I have followed this story from day one and even knowing how beautifully he is recovering in your care, this video still makes me weep for the horrible existence he had before you found him. It has been such a privilege to watch him revel in love and good care from you and his many admirers. Thank you, for the umpteenth time, for snatching him up from a horrible end.

  7. this was touching, i would want to read your blog from beginning to end, thanks for saving this unfortunate one, makes me want to hug my dogs tighter.

  8. ALL donations go to this one dog? How much do you need exactly and how much have you got so far? How many other dogs do you have that need the same help? We will be updated about his health? Will he get well soon or do we keep sending money? In my opinion this video was overly extended and the music wasn't really necessary. If your goal was to get people to feel bad for him, I'm sure a single picture could do just that. Usually when a person sees a hurt dog and hears sad music it's cue to turn away from it so they won't feel bad. Just trying to help.

  9. I have found your blog recently and those words where you wanna see him in shiny fur....now they come true!! He is so beautiful today and his fur is so nice and he looks playful and you must be proud of yourself. You are really the good side of this earth!!