I had some anxiety when I got home last night. I knew that he would be more comfortable and warm staying at the clinic, but...not being able to check on him. The anxiety of not knowing what I would find when I came in this morning...it really bothered me.

As soon as I got here, I went into Isolation and he looked up at me. I said, 'Good morning, buddy.' and he wagged the tip of his tail. That's my boy...

Since starting the antibiotics and giving a higher dose of anti-inflammatories/pain medication...he is more alert, moving a little faster, and his skin looks better. Even his wounds look better! I am sooo happy about that. We also started him on some eye ointment. His dehydration and malnourishment are so severe that he is not producing any tears and his eyes are drying up. He'll get the eye ointment three times a day until he is hydrated enough to lubricate his own eyes.

To all of you who have donated, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Both he and I are very grateful for your kindess and appreciate your efforts to help us help him. Together we're going to fix this boy, and together we're going to save his life.


  1. This makes me soooo happy.

  2. I really hope he makes great recovery in short time. It pains when our pet, the memeber of our family gets hurt or sick.