Tad's Toys

For the last few weeks, I have wanted Tad to have a purpose. I wanted him to 'do' something. You know, some dogs paint with their paws and the paintings are sold and the money goes to animal charities. Some dogs gather dog food for rescues like Ricco Suave and then there's Ricochet who surfs to raise money. I just couldn't think of anything that Tad could 'do'.

Then, I thought...'Oh my gosh. What is he always doing!?' Toys. He destroys them. He loves them. He lives, eats, and breaths them.

So, why not set Tad up to campaign and gather toys for various rescues/shelters around the Houston area!? Toys are often the best thing you can give a little pup sitting in the back corner of his kennel at the shelter. There is such a power in giving a dog a toy that...while he's playing...nothing else matters. It's a moment of paradise.

Tad is so in love with toys that I feel this is it. You can check out more information here: www.facebook.com/TadsToys

Each month, a legit/proper rescue/shelter will be randomly picked and a needs list requested (solely for those wishing to donate more than just toys). The needs list and link for monetary donations will be supplied. However, the main focus is toys. We'll ask that you donate new or gently used toys (that will be washed prior to delivery) to Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital. At the end of the month, all donations will be taken to that rescue/shelter and delivered to the dogs/cats in need! (Some rescues/shelters chosen may not be dogs/cats! ;) )

I hope you'll support Tad and I in this as we're very, very excited. I cannot wait to get started!

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  1. you started a long time ago, Tiffany! I love the toys idea for Tad's purpose. Toys are so important to dogs....and a think I spend more on toys that I do on dog food. They love to chase them, rip them up, get the squeeky bulb out, and then carry the carcass around as a prize for tug of war or fetch.