Pet Fest 2011 - Day Two

Today was great! He met a lot of his fans and their dogs. He seemed to get more 'grouchy' today as far as unaltered males went, but we did our best to avoid those. It was hard, today seemed more packed than yesterday.

We originally were to share the Celebrity Booth with Kanga, but she was not feeling well (she had a rash) and so she stayed home. Poor little girl! So, we were there by ourselves, but Tad ate it up!

We also were awarded our first place prize for winning the Diamond in the Rough Photo Contest on Pet Fest's Facebook!


  1. :) I see Tad is taking a power nap. If he only knew how many lives he's changed....

  2. I am so glad you decided to go to Pet Fest... and that's all I'm going to say, except, of course... Love you Tadman! Oh, and you so deserve that diamond Tiff!