THE Book

I was reading a comment from Tad's Facebook friends regarding his most recent behavior challenges. ...and it really, I don't know...it got me thinking. Here's the comment I'm talking about.
"When I read this I felt worried that this situation with Tad would probably make someone else just give up on him. And it made me tear up." - Mayra

I was thinking that...well, maybe one day I should write this book. A 'real' rescue story...it's not all milkbones and fire hydrants. It's runny diarrhea and bloody battles for the most part. If you get my comparison... haha! 

It's a story of what really happens when you rescue a dog...maybe some day Tad will be behaved enough that I might could focus some time on writing this book or something of the sort. But, for now...and for a while...there's simply not a time slot for that. But, all of you who keep hinting...or flat out screaming at me to write the book, I want you to know that I do seriously think about it.


  1. Before I started following this blog I never ever realized just how much WORK rescuing an animal could be. We talk about "rescuing" animals all the time. People say, "Oh my dog was a rescue" when what they really mean is "I got my dog from the pound when he was a puppy." Which is great but not equivalent to what you have done for TAD or any of the other dogs in the Diamond in the Rough contest.

  2. Well said Katherine. There's definitely different degrees of "rescue" and Tiffany's rescue of Tad ranks a 10 on a scale of 10 for sure.