Pet Fest 2011 - Day One

Firstly, there are no pictures from today. Well, I lied. There is one that I made Boyfriend take. Boyfriend is Jennifer's boyfriend, who I can never remember his name, so he is dubbed 'Boyfriend'. I think it's Matt, but I always want to call him Josh...which is apparently his brother's name. Anyway, you'll find that picture below.

Why are there no pictures? Well...let me explain. Tad has behavior problems...Pet Fest is NOT the ideal place for him. All kinds of unfamiliar faces and dogs and smells and cats and food and various animals and grabby children and people in costumes and...well, you can see why a dog who has the potential to 'bite' shouldn't be there. I took my chances...therefore, I was constantly focused on Tad's movements, postures, sounds, other dog's movements, postures, and sounds. I wanted to predict the issue before it was too late. The poor boy is going to have explosive diarrhea from all the treats, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I also had to keep my eyes...this is going to sound weird...I had to keep my eyes on who had testicles and who didn't. I KNOW Tad has aggressive tendencies with intact males. Let me tell you, I've never seen so many dangle-y things in my life! What is it with people these days!? I mean, some of those things were bigger than Tad's head! No lie!

But, enough about man-bits. ...that's why I don't have pictures. I was too focused on things that were...a 'tad' bit more important. That pun was totally intended, in case you were wondering.

Tad met a ton of famous doggies and quite a few humans he's heard about! It was really a lot of fun...but, the best part...which I'm sure you're freaking out with, 'HOW DID HE DO!? I DON'T CARE ABOUT MAN-BITS!'

...the best part? TAD WAS AMAZING! I was shocked. I really was. Did I honestly expect him to kill something? No, I really didn't...but, I did expect some resistance from him. I am still like...giddy inside. All smiles, you know?! Like, I want to cry...I'm serious. :/ 

There was one instance, for whatever reason, that Tad freaked out. It was not directed at any person or creature (maybe he saw some of those massive man-bits?). He was terrified of something...trying to hide in any possible place, bolt into doors, it was bizarre. I've no idea what it was, but we sat and had a calm chat anyway. We waited and ate treats and just kind of lowered our blood pressure. Then, we were able to move on.

The only 'dog' contact instance was a Whippet that jumped onto Tad (friendly or not, I don't know) and Tad went ape-crazy. Do I blame him? No. The owner whipped his dog up fast...yeah, buddy...you watch out. Tad'll eat your little fella in a second. ;) I'm just kidding...but,
that was the ONLY dog contact issue. No bites, no blood, just REALLY scare Tad came out.

There was also this itty bitty Pomeranian that was wearing this little weird tutu thing around it's neck, and Tad was freaked out by him. But, that's okay...some Pomeranians are a little creepy. No offense to any Tad friends, though. ;)

Tad also stopped by a vendor who was doing 'Bobbing for Hot Dogs'. Hot dogs sat on the bottom of the water trough, and the dogs stuck their face in it to get a hot dog. Tad gave it a whirl...and he got some! Cleaned the thing out! With the help of someone else's piggy dog, too! ;) But, then...every water bowl from there on out he looked for hot dogs. :/ 

He met a few Tad human friends and quite a few doggy celebrities! It was fun. I was too focused on Tad to buy anything, but...tomorrow I will be more relaxed and able to take pictures and buy crap. :)

Dr. Holliday, Chrissy, Tad, Jennifer, and Me


  1. Yay! So glad it went well! Tad deserves a nice day out! (so do you for that matter...lol)

  2. Maybe he thought he saw his prior owners that dumped him? I'm glad to hear that Tad had a great day. Go Tad!

  3. I thought the same thing Alison thought - it is possible he saw someone he recognized, or who at least resembled his former owners. That has got to be enough to terrify the poor guy!