Rough Play

The boy REALLY loves toys...REALLY loves toys, especially now that he knows what to do with them. We were playing with one of the toys a few minutes ago, and I chunked it across the house. Tad took off at break neck speeds after it.

As he passed the recliner, his front leg caught in the handle on the side, and I've a pretty good feeling he dislocated his shoulder.

He cried out and stood there, with a rather funky looking front leg (his shoulder on the one side was definitely out of socket) for a few seconds...took a few steps, and laid down on the floor. I went to get my phone to call Dr. Holliday. I was going to have her meet me at the clinic so we could sedate him and pop it back into place.

He got up to follow me, of course, and within a few steps, he'd popped it back in on his own. I gave him some pain medication left over from his previous hospitalization, and now he's sleeping peacefully.

Poor guy...he was having such a fun time, too. Looks like rest for the next 24 hours in hopes that the shoulder doesn't come out again...Lordy, Lordy...so much drama with this boy.


  1. My boy did that at 11 and when he past at 16 it had never happened again or bothered him.

  2. Poor Tadders! I hurt just thinking about it. I popped my elbow out of the socket about a year and a half ago and it popped right back in immediately. It hurt really bad for a few days, and continued to hurt for weeks...just not as bad. I hope Tadaroo heals MUCH faster. Ugh! Poor guy. I'm glad he's sleeping peacefully now.((Great big hug for Tad!))

  3. Oh Tad's luck has turn again huh ? Sheesh, what a doggie karma you've got furluv :( Send love & relief your way x