Training Controversy

The discussion of 'training' for Tad has become quite the controversial topic. Many of you believe Tad is an amazing dog...one who never does wrong...could never do wrong. I don't blame you for this image; it is the one I've instilled in you. It's not wrong, but it is not completely him.

Have I been misleading...? Maybe, but I have never lied...there are just some things that are better kept out of the public eye. You have to realize that in public...behind computer screens...people become very, very brave. They say or do things they never would do otherwise. If I told you...some of the things Tad has done...I can guarantee you that some of you would recommend he be euthanized for 'aggression'.

Perhaps these behaviors are why he was dumped in the first place? He lacked proper training and socialization from birth, it's apparent. Now, I have to clean up the mess that someone else has made.

When one rescues a dog...be it from a shelter, from a rescue, from the side of the road...you take on the responsibility of that dog. You know he could come with a terminal illness, an annoying habit, a bad behavior. It's just the way it is...wouldn't it be great if every dog rescued had the BEST personality, temperament, and abilities? ...more dogs would probably be rescued. Sad truth is...these dogs are in bad shape. They're sitting in rescues, shelters, ditches for a reason...in most cases. Sometimes, people can be a-holes, we know this. But, isn't the statistic somewhere between 80-90% of homeless dogs are that way because of behavior? The truth hurts sometimes...

The trainer that I have chosen for Tad, is one that I trust completely. I agree with his method and his approach. Some of you may not, and that's okay. But, you must understand...that you only know Tad through a computer screen. You know what I tell you. I know him, for him, obviously...and Michael knows him, for him. So, Michael's blog may not make sense to you sometimes...or you might not like what he has to say, but I assure you...he knows Tad. He knows my faults, he knows Tad's faults, and he is helping both of us learn.

Dealing with Tad on a daily basis, I now have more respect for mothers of special needs children. I understand their plight and why so many are quick to say, 'It's the parent's fault...if they would have --' I know this, because I used to say that all the time.

You don't really understand until you have one. ...and yes, I'm comparing children to my dog. You don't really understand the seriousness of it all until you're in their shoes.

I battled with the idea of finding a trainer for Tad. I fought myself a long, long time. I knew I would pay for the majority of it out of pocket, and right now...that is looking like it's going to be a very difficult challenge. But, I think for a while I was in denial. I thought it would go away, I thought I could fix this. He just needs to listen to me. I fought his strong will daily...I struggled right along side with him. It wasn't until Tad bit my dad that I realized just how big of a liability Tad is to have at the clinic. It was a big deal for me; a turning point. Some of you realized that; you realized the impact it had on me. Sure, yes...dogs bite all the time...I am bitten everyday. But, for him to go after a 'client' (dad or not) was a punch to the stomach.

I HAD to do something...if Tad bit a client, and that client sued the clinic, Tad would be euthanized...regardless. He would be deemed aggressive and vicious. I could not save him from that fate. You can believe it or not, but I see that in Tad's future...and that is why this training/counseling is a such a big deal.

I have to fix him...and I've chosen Michael to help. You can like his methods or not; but before you tell me that I'm going overboard or you don't like Michael...please, understand that you don't know the whole story.

I have only shared one bite...I have only shared a few bruises...I have only shared select instances. There have been many more bites, many, many bruises, and more disasters than I can remember.

I want you to understand that this is not 'obedience'. This is not 'sit-stay-roll over Fido'. This is 'we help you learn or the city takes you away one day'. It is that serious for me, for the clinic, for Tad.

I've removed the ability to comment for a reason. I appreciate your understanding.

If you wish to donate to help with more sessions with Michael (and the training tools he has highly recommended), please see the below information.

I can accept donations through PayPal (which are then moved to a Savings Account where Tad's non-medical money sits) - please use my email : tiffanydieringer@yahoo.com

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