Day One - Lesson Implementing

Today is the first day we're implementing Tad's first school lesson from yesterday. The door chimes, signaling someone has come in or left the clinic, and I get Tad's attention and give him a treat. Lucky for Tad, the door has been going just about non-stop since I got here 30 minutes ago.

I also gave a small handful of treats for Dr. Holliday and Chrissy, so if they're near Tad when the door chimes, they can help out, too. I talked with Chrissy about people who want to come back to the treatment area for whatever reason, and to ask them if they'd be willing to help train Tad, as Michael suggested.

I'm quite sure the majority of the people would be more than willing to help out, it's just coaching them on the appropriate way to help and how they should act/react.

I think I'm hearing the door before Tad, and sometimes he doesn't even hear it...or react to it, so I almost feel like he's thinking, 'What the heck am I getting all these free treats for!?' Haha!

If you wish to donate to help with more sessions with Michael (and the training tools he has highly recommended), please see the below information.

I can accept donations through PayPal (which are then moved to a Savings Account where Tad's non-medical money sits) - please use my email : tiffanydieringer@yahoo.com

You may also mail a check (made out to me - Tiffany Dieringer) to the clinic:
17099 Walden Road Ste. 180
Montgomery, Texas 77356

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  1. hurray for Turd ;) Despina's very proud of you!