Many, many overdue updates...

It has been a super long time since I've updated...well, anyone's situation...so, here goes.

Posha - Posha was happily transported up North, and as far as I know, is living in a happy home with her new forever family.

Jake - Jake is doing well, he's been returned to his original place post-neuter, and seems to be doing better...but, his owner seems to be working with him more so and wants to read the book Michael had me read for Tad.

Pickup - Pickup is also living at his new happy home with his brother from another mother, Walrus. He came in for boosters yesterday and was plump!

Abus/Gritz - Abus has been moved from another foster home, into one that seems more fitting for him. He has severe separation anxiety and I believe that his new foster family is working with him to help alleviate those issues.

Chupie - Chupie is doing awesome! ...still has some eye issues, but otherwise...fat and happy! He came in for a visit just the other day when his parents were picking up their new kitty after a spay.

Tad - Tad is doing okay...his aggression seems to be happening less, but when it does...it is more severe. He has taken to attacking cats and smaller dogs and really anything he has access to. His time at the clinic is barely 4 hours, and only on Tadurdays now. He was supposed to see Michael (the behaviorist) today, but Michael was sick. We're looking at hopefully next Thursday.

If I've missed anyone...sorry! Hope this helps with some of the confusion!


  1. Thank you so much for the update. I know how hard it can be with your hectic life. :) I will say some prayers for sweet Tad. You are his angel, I wonder why he has this issue. Dear boy, I have been thinking of him a lot lately. God Bless you both! Be good on Tadurday, Tad! I love you!<3

  2. This is great news for all the rescued souls. Thanks again Tiffy - Tadsters just needs more work I guess, but he's safe and sound with you.

  3. So sorry to hear about Tad's aggression. Hopefully y'all can figure out some way for him to release it in a way that doesn't hurt any living creature. He seems to need to release it somewhere...somehow. He just doesn't really have a designated outlet...so he designates his own...

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  5. Anymore updates on Jake?