The Church Kittens

We got a call today from a big fancy Lutheran church in the area and the lady explained that they had found an old laundry basket with kittens inside sitting in front of their sanctuary doors. She said that they normally don't go to the sanctuary during the week, so thankfully someone went to the sanctuary today or else the kittens would have been stuck in that nasty laundry basket until the weekend.

She explained that they were sick and that she was unable to keep them. So, we offered...and, here we are. The lady donated to help test the kittens for FIV and Feline Leukemia (they are negative!), which was super nice of her!

In a nutshell, these little kitties are about 4 weeks old and moderately healthy. They have URIs and are sort of eating on their own. We've got them started on EVO, antibiotics, and some eye drops. They're covered in fleas and likely anemic because of it.

Within a few weeks they'll need homes... *wink*wink*

...and, I'm sure y'all are wondering, 'What on Earth has she named these!?' Quite of a few of you know me personally, and you know that my naming...well, it happens to be pretty stinkin' random.

Since these kittens were abandoned at a church, we decided to go with that. We always 'theme' litters so we can keep track of kittens, and also so we don't re-use names because that's bad karma. Sooo...we went after religions. Catholic (Cathy for short), Lutheran (Luther for short), and Christian (Chris for short).

The Church Kittens

Catholic (Cathy)

Lutheran (Luther)

Christian (Chris)

Tadders loves his new kitten friends!


  1. Look at Tadder's tail wagging! That speaks volumes! Welcome to a better life, kitties.

  2. Tadman has three new friends. Wonder what he's going to do when they find their new homes? Hummmmm.

  3. OMG I saw his first video, a dog with severe mange and sad eyes. Is this the same dog? He looks amazing, shiny fur and filled with life!!

  4. Too nice and adorable. Its a chance for me to see all three cute and adorable pets. I love all of them.

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