Tad in Pup Culture Magazine

If you haven't heard through the various places, Tad's story has been published in Pup Culture Magazine!

Courtesy Pup Culture Magazine

I am beyond excited about this, and really hope that it inspires even more people and maybe even brings some attention to Tad's Toys!

You can view the online magazine HERE. If you're interested in purchasing a 'printed' copy, please click HERE.


  1. Congratulations to both you and Tad. I love seeing that his story is being seen more and more now. Hoping this encourages more people to stop for that "abandoned dog."

  2. OMG I am so happy for you and Tad. You been an angel to him and many more I am sure. You and him desert it. I am very excited for you and Tad. What ever happen to the last one your rescue? I been looking for an updated on your blog but i haven't seen any. Congrat to you both.

  3. I am amazed of what you have done for this dog. Probably most people would have turned around, frightened what they had seen. Look what a beautiful dog he turned to and also a celebrity. I read your blog and also the Facebook - pages.

  4. Tad's story is so amazing and interesting. i am in the process of reading it and i am enjoying every part of it:) thanks for sharing the link of the magazine.

  5. Tad is obviously a celebrity to be covered in any magazine. Thanks for sharing the update. I hope your work and services be heard all around the globe.