Meet Pickup

I came home on Thursday, and I could hear a really upset kitty inside the little truck of mine that had been parked by the road all day. So, I opened the hood and sure enough, there was a orange tabby! Or red/ginger tabby if you're super technical! But, anyway...he was obviously upset and not neutered, and so I just left him alone to calm down. I left the hood open over night, and when I got in to leave on Friday, I couldn't see him or hear him. I assumed he was gone.

So, I did my Friday duties...and after work went to hang out with my buddy, Anthony. ...apparently I left the lights on all night, and so it was not going anywhere by morning. I had to call my mom to come get me and take me to my Tahoe to go to work.

I called Charles and told him it might need a new battery, and singe drove out and popped the hood. He sent me this picture below.

Part of the car trouble I was having!

Since we still don't know the vaccine issues with the kitty, Charles poked the kitty with a stick and he jumped down and hid in the bushes next to the truck.

Charles got things squared away and was while stopping at a stop light on the way back to me, guess what he heard?

The kitty!

So, when he got to the clinic, Jennifer and I removed the kitty from the engine, and got him set up in a kennel for neutering and testing.

Meet Pickup - one determined kitty!

He is suuuuuch a sweet kitty! I'm surprised!


  1. He's adorable and the name is purrfect! (sorry I couldn't help myself). I love orange tabbies and find them to be the sweetest cats I've ever met or had the pleasure of sharing my life with. Congrats on the newest edition to your rescue squad!

  2. Rut row! Another mouth to feed!

  3. Congrats on your new baby! I adopted a cat last week and he has brought out house so much joy already!

  4. Such a cutie pie! And I just love his name. Have you been able to learn anything about him?

  5. Looks like he has a little halo on his head markings. He's adorable!

  6. this is so cool. i totally want to be a vet as my career. :) nice blog, tiffany.

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