Training Update

Michael and I have a 'journal' that we talk to each other back and forth about Tad and his behavior good or bad. You guys already know that I don't share a lot of things regarding problematic...adventures, and you know why. We won't go into that again. :) However, after an incident today, at home, Michael is leaning more towards what are called SEC (sudden environmental change) triggers. Basically, sudden changes around Tad trigger him to get upset...naturally, of course. I don't like sudden change either. Well, really...I don't like change at all. :/

The problem with training or counter-conditioning this behavior is that there are soooo many triggers that fall into the SEC category as well as variables. It could be a dog, a human, a cat, a child...remember that turtle? So, basically...Tad needs undivided attention to capture him doing all the right things and heavily praise on those behaviors. We are to look at every interaction as potentially being a problem and work even harder on his biting, which he still does...a lot. :/ He is very obedient unless he's in bananas-mode, you know...like going bananas...? ...so, we also need to work on his basic obedience and recall...which the only dogs that are ANY good at that are Chica and Chino. :/

As I already stated, I am only bringing one dog to work a day...which is super lonely and boring, but now all the clients are asking where the other dogs are...but, oh well...you do what you gotta do. Tad's scheduled days to be at the clinic are Monday and Saturday, of course. Saturday is Tadurday, you know!?

We may also be spacing Tad's visits with Uncle Michael further apart now, as his funds for training are gone. Thankfully, Uncle Michael is awesome enough that he understands and is willing to work this out so it can still be done. Kudos to you, sir.

Tad - Pet Fest 2011

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