Silence Is Not Always Golden

...many of you know that I drive a Tahoe, named Jemima. I often refer to her as Jemima, too. This may or may not have caused some confusion in MANY of you.

This is Jemima, who is currently awaiting reconstructive surgery to replace her front end as she's a death trap right now. Super fun to drive! She's all over the place...but, that's totally besides the point.

Guinea Pig Shaped Car - Dobby
Sooo, for the past week to a week and a half I've been driving my mom's car...it's shaped like a guinea pig. No lie. Anyway, it's just a bit...only just a bit, you know...smaller than Jemima, but I've been able to still fit all (now 4) dogs into it to come to work.

Things are well...it's a fun car to drive...like a little go cart. Buuuut, free handouts are only temporary. They need their car back...

Suzy Pup
So, Suzy Pup, will be out of surgery soon...she needed an extensive brain surgery...but, she'll be back home sometime this week. Basically, that means...that I will be driving Suzy Pup while Jemima is having surgery herself. Suzy Pup is not nearly as fun to drive...but is less embarrassing than the guinea pig shaped car. BUT...the biggest problem...? It's only a two-seater. :/

...when there were three dogs, we could cram into this divine little hunk of junk, but now that there are 4 dogs...and a human, I'm not entirely sure how 'safe' that would be...especially with my driving.

So, we've resorted to bringing only one dog a day to work at a time...most depressing, I know! But, really...it may work out in Tad's favor with his behavior and training. It may make it worse considering there's less time to work with him...but, Michael insists I expect a great deal out of my dogs...and I never realized it until he said it.

I do expect a very high level of behavior from them, and for Walker and Chica, it's a no-brainer. For Tad, being a no-brainer...it's a bit more difficult.

Today is Tuesday, and that makes it Chica's day to be at work...it was hard leaving Tad, Walker, and Chino at home...but, maybe next week it'll be easier once these old habits die down.

It's incredibly quiet here without Tad...not to mention boring... :/ ...silence is not always golden.


  1. aw. Habits are hard to break and I'm sure Taddykins misses you too. But think of it as "special day(s)" with each kid. Every kiddo needs mommy alone time. xoxo


  2. But just think of all the Tad-man love and the look of joy ( we hope!) at his momma's safe return. Just to be on the safe side, (in case that look is revenge instead of joy) maybe some protective clothing, you know, in case you accidentally fall down during his exuberant welcome.

  3. Poor Tad and poor you, missing him! I'm sure he will be delighted to see you walk through the door this evening!

  4. You certainly know how to write...and tell a story. I'm sitting here reading about your CARS and smiling.

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