Change in Treatment

We have finally decided to switch Tad's Demodex Mange treatment to Ivermectin. We are able to purchase it through our distributors, so that's nice.

Tad is losing more and more hair. I'll be honest; I did tell him that he had to at LEAST keep his hair until Pet Fest was over and done with. Then, if he wanted to strip down again, he is more than welcome. I fear he may have taken me up on that. :/

He's got a naked streak on the bottom side of his tail and various patches all of his actual boddy of thinning hair.

He's not itchy, as Demodex does not itch until an infection sets in, so that's great. He's just...patchy. ...but that's okay, he was loved hairless, haired, and now he be loved half-n-half.

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  1. Hi Tiffany:
    I am also named Tiffany and also have a rescued dog. I didn't personally rescue him but he was taken care of by various wonderful people (vet techs/assistants/vets/etc.) at a local vet clinic and Second Chance here in OK. He is only 8 pounds and had a large black burn on the back half of his back. He is at 100% today and we believe that his burn was accidental (from a muffler). Anyways, it really has been wonderful to meet all the people that took care of him and spent time with him - they are all loving people like you. You have done such wonderful things for Tad and have instilled interest and hope in so many people for those animals that are still out there and need help. Thanks for sharing your story - the ups and the downs. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions:
    - So Tad ended up being heartworm free? (Assuming so, it's wonderful that despite all his other problems, he wasn't infected with heartworm)
    - And didn't turn out to have any collie in him?
    Best wishes for his full recovery!