Yums' Challenge

There have been so many wonderful people and companies who have donated to help Tad recovery from the horrors he came to me with. I don't know that they can even be described with the word 'wonderful'...I am just amazed...my faith in humanity restored. I could go on and on...

Either way, one company especially has been truly amazing to Tad and I. The people behind the company are awesome, their customer service is awesome, their produce is awesome...it's just all around a super place.

That company is Enjoy Yums.

They make horse and dog treats...well, let me rephrase that...they make AWESOME horse and dog treats. Let me describe them to you how I describe them to our clients, haha! They're natural, simple, made in the USA, and smell amazing. My guinea pigs eat them, my cat eats them, my dogs eat them, and one of the girls we work with even tried them. Speaking of my pigs, if you visit Yums' Facebook, you'll see they've used a picture of Sundae (one of my pigs) as their main profile picture!

But, I digress. Let me tell you...when I open that bag of Yums at my house, everyone but the human comes running (because she doesn't live with me! ;) ). But seriously, they look like little granola bars and smell a million times better.

Okay, so anyway...they send Tad their Yums treats, and he devours them with the rest of his animal family. Dr. Holliday (Tad's veterinarian) was so impressed with them, that we even carry them in our hospital now for our clients to purchase for their pets.

Our hospital and Yums have been in close contact for a few weeks now, and they made me a challenging offer at the beginning of the week. If Tad and I could get 1,000 likes for their Facebook page, they would donate to Tad's favorite animal charity. Not only is that an awesome cause, but I do like a challenge...so, within a few days, Tad, his Facebook friends, and I were able to get them their 1,000 likes. AWESOME!

So, I announced this morning that Yums and I decided to donate to two different animal rescue places. One of them is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They take in every species of animals, and they work miracles every day. It is amazing the things they do for these babies that have been cast out and pushed aside. You may also recognize the name, because that's where Tad's article is posted for the world to see!

The other is a rescue that I volunteer my photography for, Coldspring Stars. They rescue dogs from various places, and do everything they can to make a positive difference in their lives. With the economy the way it is, it seems more and more dogs are ending up with them. They need every little bit they can get, and I want to give back to them. One of the girls who works more closely with Coldspring Stars than I do advised me the very first day I brought Tad home to start this blog...she said it would help find him a home. Well, it certainly did that...but, look at what came of that idea!

I included a lot of links here in this blog, feel free to check any of them out...and of course, thank you for the millions of ways you all have helped me help Tad. I hope to share his entire life with all of you.

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  1. Tiffers,

    You know I have been following Tad since you posted on PP and just love your blog and of course Tad. I think most is just to see the worst conditions of abuse turned around to LOVELINESS!

    I swear he is some kind of coon/rabbit dog! He has instincts to run to check things out and come back to you I noticed in the video. I grew up with Brittney's and it was very familiar when I was watching the video! :)

    How old do you think he is. He is such a puppy! He sure is making up for lost time isn't he!

    Thanks for continue to share your journey and remind the rest of us how to be be kind.

    Love your photography.

    BTW, how is Tad with the piggies.. ekkk he probably like to taste a few. mmmmm ;)