Best Friends Article

One of Tad's dear friends, Cathy Fieser, wrote an article about Tad for the Best Friends Animal Society website. Please, please click the link to read it: http://network.bestfriends.org/golocal/texas/17267/news.aspx


  1. he must have suffered so. Thank you for loving him

  2. Tiff,
    Not sure where/when/how often you check replies but I just replied on your "Like Me on Facebook" segment. Please read it.
    Having just learned of your camera & your knee problems (AY! Now w/ *that* I can *really* empathize! [I use a cane to get around, due to a bum knee]), i.e., of your desparate need for money, I really, really DO think you should take my suggestion of creating an "Independent Short Film Documentary" about Tad & submitting it to the various indie film fests. (I go into more detail in the other post.)
    Now, as for your dog training issues... Have you considered contacting Cesar Milan ("The Dog Whisperer")?
    Strikes me as it'd be right up his alley & the man is (one of, if not) THE best -- & Tad deserves nothing less, no?. I've seen various episodes where he goes "on the road" and heck, So. Cal. is not that long a drive from Texas. (I live in Ruidoso, NM -- almost the 1/2-way pt.)
    Considering all the attn Tad's story has gotten, Cesar would not only gain from the publicity of becoming involved w/ the saga AND successfully resolving Tad's "issues," I *know* the man has a good heart (NO one knows a person's heart like a dog, yes? I rest my case) &, I believe, would truly want to help Tad.
    The BEST part of Cesar coming? (Other than the fact he can afford to make the trip?) Usually, his rap is that he "retrains the OWNERS & rehabilitates the dogs...."
    --His theory (& his success rate is proof) is dogs respond to vibrations &, due to various reasons, namely our tendency to treat our dogs as our kids -- "Guilty as charged, your honor!" ;-) ), dogs' misbehaving is the owners' fault.
    But Tad's probs are NOT caused by you -- his original %$*#@&% owner/s are to blame! (And then drawn and quarterd and shot.)
    I KNOW Cesar has a website (since you're essentially "couch-bound," get to googling) & he might even have a FB page!
    Send him a link to the Cathy Fieser article and another one to this page &, if he doesn't respond or he responds negatively, let the public know. (If FB could get pressure SNL to get Betty White to host, the Power of the People can pressure Cesar Milan to help Tad!)
    I used to live in L.A. & MAY have a friend or two still in the area. Let me know (via FB or email -- I just filled out your "Follow by Email," so you have my address) if you have trouble finding contact info for him & I'll try and enlist their help.
    Love ya, kiddo; hang in there! --Silver & Co.

  3. Thank you for him, realy..

    You did a great job with him, I hope and think he is now happy to live :)
    Thank you

  4. Crikey, it is now 25/2/2013 and reading page by page of your blog. I am dying to know about "your/our" Tad's rehab program and no doubt you have done something...but I am writing as someone who hasn't got to 25 February, 2013 yet with photos or more videos or blogs.

    Ummmm may I suggest, DO WHAT Silverbonn says. Raise your own funds by doing that short Indie Film and submit. You have a lot of video and photos, you CAN write in a captivating manner, you are very attractive (says a 65 yr old retiree female) and I just reckon "y'all will do great". LOL that is an Aussie trying the Texan drawl.

    PS visited Texas a couple of times and saw a whole field of Blue Bonnets.... I can understand the love of seeing them